Spirit Chronicles: The Headstones of Old Town Road

Let me start by stating that the reason my blog is named Heavenly Notices is due to dreams, visions, spiritual encounters and a gift I have been given from God.  I started blogging about my life long experiences, dreams and visions back in September when my mom came across from the other side to warn me of an impending heart attack.  I went to the doctor and she was 100% correct and it saved my life.  Thus the name Heavenly Notices.  I was writing about all of my spiritual happenings but backed off of it due to not being comfortable with how things may be perceived by family, friends and neighbors.  I have continued to write a daily journal and have been posting some decently popular general knowledge human interest stories with some success.

After much thought, prayer and asking God’s guidance I am now switching gears back to why I started blogging in the first place.  That is because I am a walking miracle saved by a message from Heaven.  My first blog entry was titled Miracle on Old Town Road.  That miracle and what happened to me on the operating table changed the direction of my life forever.  I have been failing my calling by avoiding this gift and worrying about what others will think.  I will continue to write some life stories I experienced growing up as well on occasion.  

So effective today I am pushing forward back to sharing my thoughts, visions, dreams, experiences and guidance I receive mostly at night while asleep.  I have very vivid dreams that are biblical in proportion and often hard to understand and decipher.  As I see it I will now share it and let you the reader decide what it means to you.  With this newly re-energized focus I am beginning with a dream and event that happened to me this past weekend.  It tied together not only with now, but also the past.  I have many stories to tell so here is the latest happening.  

The HeadStones of Old Town Road

On 4/25 my wife and I were riding our four wheelers and I felt drawn to a small building on the property so I drove up to it and stopped.  Beside the old building that needs to be torn down was two concrete yard markers with birds carved into them.  They were unusually large and just seemed to be odd for general yard art figurines.  I got the feeling they were possibly grave markers from way back in the day.  I thought about moving them this coming weekend to our front yard since they had the birds on them.  I drove off and could not get them off my mind.  

While asleep last night I was dreaming about them and a woman told me “they belong here, they are part of the property”.  I have heard this voice before as the old lady has actually spoken to myself, my wife and daughters on more than one occasion.  We have a lady that lives on the property with her husband and two children.  We have had several encounters with her since moving to the property.I knew instantly it was her and that she had a message for me.   This woman named Margaret died on the property in the 1950’s of a sudden heart attack.  

Her husband died in the 1930’s from a tractor incident suddenly.  We have also had experiences with him on the property.  A good friend of mine that is empathic was coming to see us one weekend from out of town and she dreamed about the family and the man was standing there with his wife and kids and told her “he couldn’t wait to meet her”.  My friend called to tell me about the dream and had no knowledge of this family and the property history and it all tied together. 

This sounds all sci-fi and weird to some people, but to others it is a daily part of life.  But the truth as I know it is that the spiritual realm around us is full of energy either residual or living from the past.  Some people have not moved on or the incident that happened to them was so horrific or sudden that they have no idea they are dead.  Spiritual energy has the ability to move back and forth and surrounds us constantly.  We all have generational relatives that have moved on that oversee our daily lives.  Interact as needed and try to guide us.  

There is no doubt in my mind that Margaret and possibly her husband belong to those headstones so I will leave right where they are and not move them for any reason.  You can believe what you want and think of this as a story written by a storyteller.  Or you can understand that until you have experienced the paranormal and its energy for yourself then knowing how it really works may be foriegn to you.  Either way God gave me a gift and I now refuse to stop spreading the light to the world.  That is my calling and I will use this blog to reach anyone I can be it one person or millions.  

There is an old saying that goes something like this.  “Your opinion of my thoughts and actual life experiences will never override my actual life experiences”. 


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