Inspirational: Words Beginning With H

Today I am back on my series of blogs postings about the alphabet and words that describe positive, motivating and inspirational people in our lives. I am happy to write this posting and continue the series that has been pretty well read so far. I write these after doing some heartfelt thinking about the people that I want to honor that have inspired and motivated me to be a better family man, husband, father, teacher, coach and Christian. These people were often humble and kind, while also being humorous at times.

These people were hero’s to many people over the years and pushed me in a healthy way that helped me to be a more honorable person when I grew up. Hero’s like my mom and dad, football coaches, teachers and family members helped make me the man I am today. They taught me the value of hard work and how to live in harmony between the work and family life. Seeing people work and live so humbly and help so many others it just made me want to be like them.

I was able to speak to them and find healing at the hardest times in my life. They were fabulous human beings that gave me hope and faith in mankind. I miss those mentors and motivational friends so much and will always honor then with my life, actions, behaviors, comments, and reactions. I find hope and will continue to make headway in my goals and life to honor those that honored me. One day I will see them in heaven and hopefully be way up high like they are. Hooray and a hug to all of you that loved me, mentored me, took care of me and made it to your heavenly home!

Coach B


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