Advice: Leaving 2020 and Moving into 2021- My Must Do’s

Some of my readers may or may not know that 2020 was a very tough year for me and my family.  I personally have battled heart issues, covid and other sickness since September of 2020.  I had three hospital stays, a couple of real scares as far as living another day and this has took a toll on me mentally, physically and spiritually.  But it did force me to take a hard look at my past, present and future growth in all three of these areas that are required for us to function healthy in life each day.  Taking this hard look will enable me to build a brighter future in all three areas of my existence.  You may not need all three, but for me they go tit for tat and connect the dots of the life style I live.  I must have all three to be strong of mind, body and soul. 

Everyone writes a bunch of new year resolutions that they intend to work on for the new year and go flying into the new year all fired up and on a mission.  Then soon, the mission becomes less important by day as things begin to get in the way, we face setbacks and life happens.  Instead of creating new habits, we fall back into the old ways and soon those resolutions are distant past and fading quickly.  Well, with proper planning and setting great doable goals we can all overcome 2020 and have an outstanding 2021 and beyond. 

People go out and join the gym taking advantage of those new year special $1.00 down fitness deals, buy new things, work on relationships, change jobs and do new things.  In my case these are not just going to be new year resolutions as I had already began to work on these things prior to even 2020.  Setting new goals in life requires us to first analyze where we have been, where we are and where we want to be.  We then can set an actionable plan in place with valid baby step goals, begin work on those goals and nip them off one second, one moment, one hour, one day, one week, one month at a time.  

We are always looking to grow, change and challenge ourselves based on where we stand in life at that om that moment.  Often, we get way out ahead of ourselves by setting these huge goals that may be way off in the distant future and will take plenty of work, time and energy to realize.  Setting smart goals that can be attained, refocused and allow you to see growth and the light at the end of the tunnel is the key to success in change.  If your goal is to get out of a $10.00 an hour labor job and become a millionaire self employed business owner then there will be steps in between.  You have to set reasonable goals towards, training, qualifications, education and skill growth to make that big of a move.  

You may want to lose 100 pounds total, but that will have to start with 1-2 pounds a week or 4-5 a month to set a pattern in place.  Instant success often leads to setbacks which some people just struggle to overcome.  Set your goals, work steady, take it slow and constantly refocus, reenergize and rest to stay on track.  Lastly, never give up on yourself, your faith, your family, your friends or life.  Look those goals in the eye, tell yourself you are special everyday and know that you are supported, loved and pushed to be the best you can.

1) Spiritual Growth- I have always been a spiritual person, but of recent I am really focused on my goals with God, faith and emerging myself into gaining a much higher connection with God.  I can do this by simply reading more, spending time in prayer and being around spiritual people that will help me reach those goals and grow daily.

2) Physical Growth- I have plenty to overcome as I have reached my mid 50’s and certain health conditions have arisen within in me (mostly my fault) from years of not doing the right things.  I am not a lost cause and can recover and will.  But it will take a consistent practice of eating well, walking, relaxing more and just enjoying life the best I can.  

3) Mental Growth- As I stated 2020 was s mental health emotional roller coaster ride for me.  It was full of ups and downs, curves, big hills, little hills, falls, speed and I got jerked around a lot.  I would be good to go one minute and an emotional wreck the next.  Things like anger, frustration, fear, self-loathing, health issues, relationships, family, friend and work related issues can wear you out emotionally.  2021 will be a rebound year in which I will focus on the now, move from the past and gain that vibrant healthy outlook on life I always had prior to 2020.  It will not be easy or straighten out that fast, but with time, energy and effort 2021 will be a great mental health break out year for many including myself.

4) Refocus, Reconnect, Reenergize, Revitalize and Reestablish-  I will use 2021 and forward to refocus, reenergize, revitalize and reestablish whatever is it is I need and want to do in life.  I am at a milestone where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel from a retirement perspective and how I intend to spend my golden years with my wife, kids, grands and friends.  I plan to set goals in place financially to enable this to come to light and happen sooner than later.  Like I said, above it will be baby steps in the process with the ultimate goal reached in the end.

5) Let Things Go- As I have reached a pinnacle of certain amounts of success in life, teaching, mentoring, coaching and as a family man I plan to look at what I can let go of.  In 2018 after nearly 30 years of coaching football I walked away one Friday night and never looked back.  I miss the game, but not the rat race it left my life in 6-7 days a week coaching, preparing and leading in the profession.  I have other responsibilities now that soon may come to an end.  I have had a great run as a coach, mentor, teacher and community supporter and now it is time for more family time. It is time of me time, wife time, kid time, chill time, travel time and other things I want in my life.  

I hope you enjoyed the blog today, got some inspiration, motivation, excitement and energy from the words. Dedication, Determination, Discipline, Devotion, Deliberate, Destiny, Disciple and all the other motivating D words are yours today!

God Bless! Coach B


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