Daily Bread: Cleansing Activity- Closing the Doors of Our Past

**Please Read All of this top to bottom and try what I have given you.  I promise it will help you (if you are open to cleansing) and really focus on it.  I would appreciate any feedback on the process and any comments that you would like to leave for me and my readers**.  

Today I am giving you a relaxation activity designed to help you cleanse your mind, body and soul of open wounds from our past. These inhibitors of your future are sitting behind open doors constantly reminding you of your past, pestering you about your current situation and holding you back from a bright future.  These doors are open and flowing negative energy into your life and are holding you back from being the wonderful person God created you to be.  To get rid of these bad memories, negative thoughts, relationship issues, anger, fear, envy, self-loathing, pride fullness, disappointments and anything else standing in your future you must put them behind you.  

Most of these events, emotions, and internalized feelings are the result of us being careless, making bad decisions, using poor judgment or just being human and learning as we grow.  Others are the result of people that have hurt, harmed or disappointed us in relationships, jobs, marriages, and so much other day to day activity we do. Both of these types of inhibitors can hold us back and destroy our current outlook on life and future growth.  The level at which these things have occurred is different as well, so your thought process about the emotional baggage you carry will be your own and will be as big as you allow it to be. 

I have been going through a cleansing lately of my mind, body and soul and in that process I have battled through the things that were holding me back from a better and brighter future.  I realized there was a bunch of open doors that I needed to slam the door closed on to move forward and cleanse myself of them.  In the process I was able to visualize the open doors that I wanted to stay open as well.  Doors exuding confidence, positive vibes, energy and good emotion.  Doors that have great memories that I want to remain in my mind, body and soul.  I will explain the process to begin this cleansing and allow you to go and do it.  Please try it, give it a great effort and do as I write and see how it works.  I would love feedback and pray that it helps you relax, close some wounds and begin the healing process.

1- Go to a quiet space, cut the lights off, turn off all TV’s, music, fans or anything making noise. 

2- Close your eyes, sit or lie down and clear you mind of any thoughts. This may take a little while to accomplish.  You can control your mind with practice.

3- Imagine yourself just so relaxed you cannot feel your legs or arms.  Get a complete chill going on before starting. This is very important!

4- Once you are completely chilled, tell yourself that you are there to relax, reboot, cleanse the past and seek the future.  Say it to yourself as many times as needed.  You are in control of your body, mind and soul at this point.

5- Now imagine yourself in a hotel and you step off the elevator and see a hallway with hundreds of doors open.  These are the good memories, bad memories and things we want to either save or slam the door on.

6- Once you visualize this begin to walk down the hallway.  As you do on your right are doors open that have great memories.  These may be family, pets, friends, trips, Holidays, and any other pleasant memory you cherish.  We do not close these doors because these are healthy for us and we want to take them with us in our future.

7- On your left are bad memories, thoughts, fears, anger, resentment, relationship issues, bad decisions, poor judgements and all the things inhibiting you and holding you back.  We will begin to slam the doors on the left side as we go down the hall.

8- Begin the process staying relaxed as you take your walk down memory lane.  Visualize the good, smile at it and leave it open.  Visualize the bad, smile at it and slam the door leaving it behind you.

9-  Do this until you feel like you have completed your cleansing journey in the hotel hallway.  Go slowly and take your time.  One set of door at a time.  Do not move forward until you close those doors of the past.  The goal is to leave it behind you and not allow it to carry forward.

10- At the end of the hallway is a beautiful light, one that is beautiful with whatever colors you want it to contain.  That is the ultimate goal, walk that memory hallway and reach the end to see that wonderful exit sign light.  It is a cleansing light that exudes from Gods grace, mercy and love.  Once you see that light, just keep your eyes closed, breath slowly in and out and just chill and enjoy the inner peace you have achieved in the process.  

11- Once you feel like you have accomplished your cleansing, open that door and step forward in life taking the positive with you and leaving all the baggage behind.  At this point God is with you and has helped you get rid of the negatives and keep the positives.

I suggest that you pray to God for cleansing, guidance and grace as you begin the process of slamming the doors on your past to open new doors to a new bright and wonderful future.  Do these activities as needed to help you reach you inner being, grow spiritually and change your life and those around you.  You can visualize any place that you like, walking through a forest, hearing a river pass by, flying in a plane or whatever it is that gets you in your zone to cleanse, heal and move forward.

God Bless! Coach B


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