Americana: Christmas Tree Ornaments

This weekend my wife and I went to Myrtle Beach to buy an ornament at our favorite Christmas store.  The store is at Barefoot Landing as is called the Christmas Mouse.  It has every kind of decoration and ornament a person would want.  About every kind of interest from traditional, country, city, sports, hobbies and about anything one would want.  We have been going to this store for twenty years or more to get ornaments for our family tree.  Ornaments are a tradition in our family and we have filled the family tree up with them at this point.

The store brings back memories of traveling to the beach with my family, mom and dad and friends.  We always find time to go by the Christmas Mouse and grab some ornaments.  The store smells so good with all the wonderful greenery, candles, and traditional Christmas smells that reminds us that the Holiday is upon us.  Even if you go in the summer time when most people head to the beach, it makes you feel Christmas in July and those special memories we all make this time of year.  The wife and I grabbed an unusual amount of ornaments and gifts this time, as it had been several years since we came down to the beach.

We have filled up our family eight foot tree with all the ornaments from our family, my parents, her parents and others that we collected.  My daughters even in their mid 20’s still love to decorate the tree and argue over where to place certain special ornaments on the front of the tree.  As you can see ornaments are very special to me and bring back a flood of memories from my childhood growing up with my brothers, parents and family.  If you have never collected or spent time with ornaments, may I suggest you begin a new family tradition and begin to build your tree.  

We have ornaments that are priceless to us, ornaments that are so special because they were either hand made by our girls at school or church or came from our parents and grandparents.  These ornaments have a powerful spirit about them, they show the light of love, faith and the reason we should all celebrate Christmas.  The traditional reason has become gifting one another, following traditions and history.  But the real reason we celebrate Christmas was the ultimate gift from God.  He gave us Jesus Christ as a gift, a gift that is above all and one that is free for us to accept.

Just as ornaments are special to us, so is our relationship with God, his son Jesus and the spirit of Christmas.  Do something special this year and give someone you love ornaments as a reminder of your love for them.  It will be something special that will never go unforgotten and can be passed down to their kids.  I wish everyone reading this a very merry Christmas and a wonderfully happy new year filled with love, patience, grace and mercy.  Let us all show the kindness and messages of Christmas Ornaments this season to those we know, strangers and all others.  

God Bless!  Coach B


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