The Love of God Through Our Beliefs, Actions and Attitudes

In today’s reading the message was about Paul and his faithful servanthood to God and people. Because of his beliefs he was criticized, beaten, imprisoned and left alone. Through all of these terrible actions, Paul remained faithful, obedient and determined to be successful at his goal. Not earthy goals, but heavenly goals built to reach as many people as he could. He saw an opportunity window of time and wanted to do what he could to spread the truth and help people see their deceitful ways and un-Godly behaviors, actions and attitudes.

Paul wanted to demonstrate the love of God through his actions, teachings and behavior. He stumbled at times as we all do, but always fought back never waving from his faith and message of Christ Love. He battled all the days of his life for his beliefs and that is a great example of how we can live our lives. In 2nd Timothy 3: 2-4 he talks about the ways of mankind in the end days. He lists attributes and behaviors like self loathing, boastfulness, pride and scoffing at God. Children being disobedient to parents, adults and ungrateful. Unloving, unforgiving and spiteful people creating a world of turmoil and chaos.

Does this sound familiar folks? Think about our current situation and how things have steadily declined, morals are slipping away and the family unit in chaos for so many people. Its time to wake up and take a stand for Godly values and be strong in it because opposition will come your way. Be strong of faith, do the right thing and know God will reward you for that. Some do not believe in God and will push their agenda of unGodly behavior, actions and deceitfulness on others. Our children often become who we are and live by the example that has been set for them.

All of these are choices that people will make. I assure you I am guilty of being human, getting mad, being upset, wanting money and success. But I have to temper that to make sure I don’t sell myself out to a lost way and forget the ultimate prize I seek. With this said, are you going to be like Paul and be strong of faith and carry yourself with Godly principles or will you chose the other “worldly” ways. Are you willing to be different and stand alone if need be? What is your goal and how will you carry yourself today?

For those fighting the good fight and following Gods word, keep it up and stay strong as that is becoming taboo in the world we face now. Its your choice and ultimately your responsibility when God calls you and your earthly time ends. The Devil is having his due and many are being deceived. If your not living what you consider to be the right way or want to know more about God. Ask him for help, open yourself up, surrender it all and watch what happens. You can chose your way or his, but I say chose wisely and be prepared for an accounting of those choices.

  1. Will you chose to be faithful to Gods words and trust in his grace mercy and guidance?
  2. Are you willing to take a strong stance against unGodly views and ways of the world.
  3. Will you demonstrate the love of God to others through you actions, behaviors and attitudes?

God Bless! KB


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