Spirit Chronicles- North or South

I was standing outside an elevator shaft. There was two elevators that were in use with thousands of oriole standing in line to get a ride. I’m one line the elevator pointed South and was going down. In the other line the elevator was going North or upwards. The people in the southbound line were full of rage, hate and were weeping. The elevator line going North had people smiling, glowing and waiting quietly for the lift up.

I noticed the line in the southbound was much longer and had too much strife for me. I looked to my left and my mom and aunt Beona were standing beside me smiling. I see them in my dreams and rarely do they speak to me. I do know what they are saying as most heavenly messaging is telepathic from spirit to spirit.

The south opened up and people tried to jam on it to go down. They were trying to escape the issues that line had caused but didn’t understand they were choosing death and eternal struggles in hell. The north opened and a few people quietly and orderly walked in and made room for others.

I looked at mom mom and aunt and they smiled and pointed to the north elevator. We boarded it and the doors closed. It started up and we went for what seemed a few seconds and the door opened. It was my heaven and I stepped into the star and began to float. I saw magnificent light around me and stars and planets as far S the eyes could see.

I heard a voice say this is your peace one day. It was beautiful and amazing. It was uplifting and encouraging. It was a little glimpse of what is to come one fine day. I woke up and I prayed and thanked God for allowing me to see my mom and aunt again. I thanked God for being shown a little bit of what is to come. Heaven is a place I have seen three times now and it is real.

I pray this lifts your spirit and gives you the promise of heaven while avoiding hell. The devil is at work and his goal is to take you with him. God wants to give your eternal life so jump that northbound elevator if life and be prepared for your glory.

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