Proverbs 20:29; Generational Gaps

“The glory of young men is their strength, but the splendor of old men is their gray hair”.

The Silent Generation- Born 1928-1945, these folks are all slowly dying out. Even with the increase in technology and medicine we are slowly lising this generation of great (silent people). This generation fought numerous wars for America including WW2, Vietam, Korea and some even in Iraq. These people worked hard, respected each other and built American values of hard work, faith, family and friends on their backs. I still have some family that are in this generation but they are slowly dying out.

Baby Boomers- 1946-1964, these folks are the children of the silent generation. They came along at a time when America was changing and technology was just beginning to take off. They were taught solid family values, faith, and how to work. Their dads left early and came home late. Mom stayed home and took care of the house and kids. This generation was created due to wars and dads coming home from overseas. Thus, the word baby boomers. Baby boomers are competitive, hard working and grew up hard. They understand the value of work and are now the grand and great grandparents of the milineals. Creating a huge learning curve and differences in political thought, speech, work ethic and technology use.

Generation X- 1965-1980, this generation is the parents to many of the milineals. Generation Z came along at a time in American history when politics, education, racial tensions and many of the things that plague America now did not exist much. I am a Gen Z and honestly could have gave a crap about politics, racial issues, and all this social justice stuff when I was a kid. Gen Z raised their kids to work hard, go to school, honor family and be faithful. As kids we played outside, rode bikes, played with hot wheels, barbies and GI Joes. We rode in cars without seat belts and smoke rolling out the windows from dads Winston.

We drank out of a water hose, respected out folks (or got smacked around) and learned life lessons the hard way. If we didn’t win, we got no trophy, no ice cream or particiaption medal. We had to be competitive, go hard or go home. We struggle to understand the lack of work ethic in many of todays youth and the technology that rules their lives.

Milineals- 1981-1996, was a generation where technology and education changed. It was the beginning of the loss of competitive values and winning as a way to be successful. This is around 75 million of Americas popluation. This generation learned to go with the flow and adapt well to change. They still were raised with traditional family values but also understand that all people are different and it is ok to be agree to disagree. This is the generation that paved the way for technology and its use in everyday life.

Gen Z and Alpha- 1997-current. This is a whole new generation and the most diverse of all. It is a big population that is claiming to be the change the world needs. This generation will get behind a political or idealogical idea in a heart beat. However, they learn everything from social media and do not hold the traditional values as the previous generations. They are still divided by political and faith differences, but will jump ship in a heartbeat if it looks like a good cause to them. They have grown up thru covid and stare at phones and computers all day.

Not all, but many cannot write a complete sentence or tell you who the President of the United States is. This doesn’t make them bad, just young and naive. You see all the previous generations had to learn from the past, present and future to become who they are. God bless all the generations and I pray that the Gen Z/Alphas are the change America and the world needs. But heed this warning from an old guy Gen X. No positive or good change comes from the devil, sin, laziness, and greed. Turn to God and you will make the world and America great again.

Proverbs 20:29; The glory of young men is their strength, but the splendor of old men is their gray hair.

Leviticus 19:32; “You shall stand up before the gray head and honor the face of an old man, and you shall fear your God: I am the Lord.


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