AntiChrist In America

The AntiChrist is soon to appear in the world. The Bible has forwarned us of such a fate for mankind and the world. Taking a serious look at America and the state we are in as a society, the moral crash or America and the growth of satanism. I am going to say that we are close to seeing the AntiChrist and the harm he will do to the world and America.

There are biblical truths to the theory of the AntiChrist and what he represents. Below I am giving my references and opnions as to what I have seen in many dreams, visions and heard from spirit as to what the end times truly will be like. It will be a gut wrenching time with no mercy for the lost and hard to overcome for the faithful. The Antichrist will offer a hope, false love and global alliance like no other leader has. People will fall to his lies, deception and deciet and in the process fall to the sins of the world and go to hell.

  1. He will be a great speaker, writer and will use that power over people to win them. He will decieve with lies and deception of what is really being offered. He will be a powerful politician and one that millions of people will come to worship.
  2. He will declare war on the rightous and will use his power and influence to hurt those that deny him.
  3. He will dominate the global business and the biggest countries in the world will ally with him to remain in power. They will sell themselves to him for power, greed and prestige like no others have had.
  4. He will make advances in health, sickness, disease and use that to appear to be a miracle worker of sorts.
  5. He will push a cashless society on the world and will make it appear to be strong economies but in the end all those who go for the crypto currency will fall to him and his control.
  6. He will raise a global army that is powerful and uses the middle east a common base for invasion of any country that defies his words and leadership.
  7. He will lie, cheat and deceive those using social media and the radio to spread hate, filth and lies to the younger generations.
  8. He will defile America with filth and lies.
  9. He will promote sexual behaviors, unGodly thoughts, sin, flesh and power.
  10. He will destroy America first from within and crush those that fight against him or refuse to take his stamp (mark).

Have faith and know that we are in the end times and America is just a pawn the the game. America is being torn apart from the inside out and the faithless and hopeless are being taken with it. Stand strong and know that God always wins and God always has a plan.


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