Spiritual Gifts

As a person that has been given or granted spiritual abilities I often have wondered what God’s word says about that. I have friends that have told me the old stories about being decieved by the devil into believing what I can do is from demonic origin. I have had others tell me that what I can do is a power issued by God through his spirit so I can lift people up and help guide them along. Lastnight I was given a vision from my guardians and the Holy spirit that revealed to me the true meaning of spiritual gifts.

I was told the words “speaking with the spirit” and “not one can speak of the spirit alone”. I woke up and wrote this down to do some research. I always begin that research with a quick Bible reference to see if anything pops up for me that hits home. One of my favorite books in the Bible is Corinthians so I began to read the book again. I got 1st Corinthians 12 and immediately was hit with the truth of Gods word in my life. I had prayed for guidance on this topic and was seeking help on how to use the gifts God had given me.

I have the ability to feel, see, sense, hear and distinguish between light (good) and dark (demonic) spirits. I also can mediate between spirit that has moved on into the spiritual realm and people still alive. I can also astral project and have been told that at some point I will be able to move things with my mind. I have doubts at times about my abilities and get questions from others about it. I died while on an operating table and when I came back from crossing over I was different. All of my life I had odd things happen, saw and felt unexplainable things that I couldn’t understand.

When I died and came back it became evident that I had this gift all of my life and just did not know how to use it. Now I seek God and his guidance as I live my best life and try to help others when I can. I do not actively seek ghosts, spirits or unexplainable things. I let them come to me and even as I write this I feel spirit tapping me on my head and face wanting to talk to or through me.

The Bible reference above completely explains the things I can do and show that God does give spiritual gifts to people. It shows that I am not some person that thinks weird and is being powered by the devil. It shows that God has a plan for all of us and we should seek him and allow his spirit to work through us in our daily lives. The tears, smiles and satisfaction I see people have when I help them speaks the truth as to what my God would want me to do. He would want me to spread his word, tell the truth, be fruitful and lift people up.

I will use my gift to do so and will help anyone I can. I will fight for the good (light) and overcome the (dark) demons. I can dispatch Demons and send them back to hell. I am given this authority over then by the word and power of Almighty God. No dark spirit may win over the light when the word and will of God is involved. To all my light workers, keep the good fight. Keep helping others and use any gifts given from God in a positive manner and be a “light” to the world.


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