Spirit Chronicles: Angel Number 313

Angel number 313 is a fantastic sign from the divine heavens that shows me that I am on the right track for my spritual journey. It is a sign I got the other night when I woke up and saw it on the clock. I have been on a meta-physical journey the last few years and I get anxiety at times as I prepare myself for the next steps in my abilites God has granted me.

I can see , feel, hear and sense spirit both good and bad. I can work with spirit via voice, pictures, numbers and other signs to help people get messages from beyond. I noticed lately that the gift is growing and getting stronger and as the journey continues I will be patient and see what happens. Below are the key highlights to Angel number 313.

  1. I have to maintain a positive outlook towards my spirit guides and God.
  2. I have to be patient and wait on the gift to continue to awaken within me.
  3. I have to know that the breakthrough I have been waiting for is coming soon.

Lastly, I must embrace Gods gift and help everyone I can. As I write this I feel my guides touching me now and leading me in life.


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