Stuck in the Basement of Sin

I had a vision that I was in a basement and a great big tall man was holding a group of people hostage. The basement had portals or doors that you could try to walk through and every time you did it would just put you right back into another area of the basement. I saw guardians coming through from the other side to help but they would get stuck also. This big guy felt to be bad at first but as things happened it made me think that he was there to enforce laws or expectations from God. As the guardians came through they would try to leave with their people and help them out.

The tall man never said anything, never flinched or acted afraid. He just stood there holding his ground and looking around. As I watched this take place I began to notice little pictures along the top of the walls all around the room. Each of those were small snap shots of life and the actions of these people. I then heard the tall man say “sin does not always happen in big ways”. At that point, I realized that each of those pictures on the wall were what was holding these people back. Every time they had a negative thought, cursed, did something wrong, lied, cheated, stole or broke one of Gods commands it took a snap shot.

These people were guilty of all these small misdemeanors (for lack of a better term) and were being held hostage by their past issues. They had not made amends for these violations and were frustrated as to why no matter what they tried to do could be released. Then my uncle appeared and pointed at a picture and it was me and a time when I had done something small but mean in life. I cried out loud to the man “I am sory for my thoughts that day”. The picture vanished just as if it had never been there before. I went around the room and looked for my pictures of trangressions and made amends one by one.

As these cleared the air got lighter, the room got brighter and I found that releasing myself of these sins was the way to get out of the basement. As I went around looking for my own pictures and we all bumped into one another trying to clear the pictures some just stood there and tried to fight their way out. Some yelled at the tall man and begged the guardians to release them. Some became violent and attacked others. Some just curled up in the corner and covered their heads in shame. While others one by one cleared their past by truly asking for forgiveness for each and every trangression.

This vision showed me the state of humanity and myself. I was a vision of what will happen when the Lord comes back and people will be faced with the reality of addressing their sins or refusing and burning in the basement. I cleared my sins and the door opened for me to walk up the steps and into the light. As I stepped out of that dungy, wet, hot basement I heard people yelling for help and crying out to everyone that could not save them. I yelled for them to go to the pictures and make amends and my guardian grabbed me and we went into a tunnel and I woke up.

After digesting this dream/vision during the day I came to realize that each and every thing we do will have an impact on our eternity. I realized that we must truly make amends to the Lord when we fall short and know that he will save us in the end. Nothing on earth, no service, no job, no money, no fame will get us clear of the old dirty basement. We must do that ourselves and continue to do so. We fall short everyday in life of Gods laws. We must amend for that and do better. I must amend for that and do better.


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