Spirit Chronicles: Path of Savages

I saw myself waling down a dark dirt road. On each side of the road were these beastly half man half animals that were hissing and growling at me. They reached into the road for me but could not reach me as I was walking right in the middle of the road and keeping a straight path as I could to avoid them. They were whispering in a language I had never heard but seemed to understand. They were saying “join us”, “leave the light”, “use your powers to be rich” and a few other things I do not want to type.

I looked down the road and I saw thousands of them and they were all the same. Growling, hissing and grabbing anyone that came close to them. A group of people came past me and as they did the savages told them to push me to them. One of the guys tried to push me but I stood my ground and pushed him away and he fell towards the side of the road and they grabbed him. He was eaten alive limb by limb and I watched his soul leave his body and be taken away by a dark spirit straight into a giant hole of fire.

As he entered the fire they celebrated, hissed and growled an awful sound that was gut wrenching. I felt bad that the guy got killed but understood that he had fallen for the savages and their lies. He had no place on the road of life and instead was doomed or had doomed himself to the road of savages. I kept walking and watched hundreds of people be eaten alive and taken to the fire hole where the devil collected their soul. As we got several miles down the road it became very dark where you could barely see the white lines in the middle of the road. d

Then an amazing light shined down from Heaven and light orbs settled in beside me and the others walking the road and they lit the way for us to make it to safety. We walked all day and night. When light came in the morning the beastly creatures went into the woods, into the fire holes or just ran away. I woke up and heard the words “you are safe with me”. That is Biblical and those words came from God. The current situation in the world is savages versus Christians. They are spreading filth, lies, and tormenting anyone that is for God.


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