Spirit Chronicles: The Road of Choices

 I was walking up a dirt road that led up hill. As I looked to my left I saw a huge tree that had been cut at the base and on that was an old timey blue rocking chair. In that chair was a dark skeleton that was on fire. It looked at me as if I was in some kind of horror movie and stared as I walked by. There were no words or communication but I could feel its spirit of disguist, fear and anger. It was suffering and the fire was never ending. I kept walking and noticed that everything on that side of the road was also dead. The vegataion was dead, the grass was brown and the trees were broken and tatteterd as if a storm or a severe fire had come through the area.

On my right I saw a huge Oak tree about 10 feet wide at the base. Below that tree was a nice newer looking rocking chair. In that chair was a light being that I felt to be a good spirit of the Heavens. It was rocking and just relaxing as if life was grand. All of the trees, grass and surroundings were beautiful green, yellow and other colors like a great fall time looks in the mountains. That side of the road was heaven and everything there was wonderful, bright, and happy. I continued to walk along the road observing things and the scenery stayed the same on each side.

It hit me that this was a road to good and bad. We all walk the road of life and have to make choices and those decisions to go to the light or to the bad. The bad side was horrible and the good side was beautiful. Choose wisely and be careful because you may get what you “do” or “do not” want.


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