Spirit Chronicles: Eight Foot Demon Spirit

Last night as I laid in bed trying to go to sleep I kept hearing something bang on the ceiling of my room upstairs and it was persistent. I get a lot of spirits around me and many of them will make noise to get my attention. This one was very loud so I told it to go away that I was very tired and did not want to mess with it that night. Little did I know this thing was mean and nasty and the strongest one I had ever dealt with. I have been making a transition to the light of goodness for some time now and demons will come at me to mess with me and try to frighten me.

They sense that I am working for the greater good of humanity and the light and will attack me to try and slow me down or discourage me. I fell asleep and immediately saw an eight foot tall dark spirit walk past the foot of the bed. It came beside me and began to hold me down and press on my chest really hard. I can usually fight them off physically but this one was big and stronger than I suspected and caught me off guard completely with their strength and meanness.

As I struggled with it I began to tell it to leave me alone and forbid it to touch me or my family and commanded it to leave in Gods name. This really pissed it off so it pressed even harder. I looked at my wife and she was asleep and couldn’t hear me ask for help. The fact that it held my arms down was very scary as this normally does not happen. My heart was racing and I was getting stressed out. I started to say the Lords Prayer which is the best way for me to fight things like that off. This makes them really angry but they cannot refuse because God and his spirit has reign over all living, dead and undead.

I spoke the prayer twice and the second time it was like a horror movie with the demon mocking me and saying it with me as to mock God. Then I felt the spirit of God hit me and the demon screamed in anger and let go. It can mock God but cannot fight the spirit of the holy one. I continued to say the Lords Prayer and grabbed my Bible beside the bed. I sttod up and my wife woke up and I told her what had happened. She could see that I was physically shaken and frustrated with what had happened.

I went around the room saying Bible verses telling the spirit to be banished back to hell where it came from and to never come back to me again. I could feel it hanging back and slowly fading away from me as I read the scripture to it over and over. It went away and I blessed the room. I got up took a good warm cleansing and prayed to God for protection and blessings. I will see if it shows back up tonight but I doubt it. I generally can send them away for a long time. Lets hope this one is gone for awhile.


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