Spirit Chronicles: Lost Lady In The Chair

Last night I dreamed about a woman that I had never seen or met before. She was in her 60’s with red hair and was wheel chair bound. She was sitting in a wheel chair just staring out into space and it was obvious she was suffering from some type of illness, depression or psychosis. She was sitting at a table and in front of her was a checkers board with some of the pieces scattered like she had been playing by herself. The look in her eyes told me that she was lost and did not know what had happened to her. She was dead but didn’t know it and was sitting there in that chair repeating that moment she died over and over again. She is a restless spirit that needs guidance on what to do and break the cycle of residual haunting.

She looked at me briefly and it was like staring into space like no one was home but a physical body. As I attempted to ask her who she was she picked up her hand and moved a checker while just staring out into space at the ceiling. Then she put her hand up and pushed it towards me so fast that all I could see was her hand and fingers, Her hands were fragile and wounded and she showed me her rings. On her pointing finger she had a small ring with a flower on it. It was a rose colored flower possibly gold or silver. On her pinky finger was a small single stone ring that resembled a wedding band, but this was not a wedding ring. The final ring that struck my attention was a mothers ring on her ring finger. It was multi colored and had five stones on it. Two of them were the same color which was Garnet. The others were aquamarine, ruby, and a clear stone maybe a crystal or something like that.

She wanted me to see her hands and the ring she had on that ring finger. As she pulled her hands away she looked at me and tried to say something but could not utter any words. It was as if she could not speak or did not have the energy to speak to me. I ask her for her name because I felt like she wanted me to know who she was and maybe learn something about her family situation. Then as quick as she appeared she began to pull away and disappeared. I had a doctor visit earlier that day and while at the doctors office I felt some spirit activity so I think she may have followed me home thinking I could help her. Before I could she was gone. The lady in the chair was gone and once again is in a rotating spiritual cycle that may never end. I prayed for her and not knowing her name just ask God to locate the lost lady in the chair and take her home.


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