Spirit Chronicles: Myrtle Beach Soul Catcher

Recently my wife and I went on a short trip to Myrtle Beach, SC to spend the weekend relaxing and enjoying the ocean. We called ahead and booked a very nice condo on the 7th floor of a ocean front complex that had received very high marks on its website from customers. We drove down to the beach and checked into the room. It was very nicely decorated, had a nice kitchenette and one bedroom. The small deck overlooked the ocean and pool so we were all set for three days of fun, sun and relaxation. That is when things went bad the very first night in the bedroom. When we checked into the room I felt something to be wrong in the bedroom and kept it to myself as I did not want to startle my wife. I felt a presence that was bad, demonic or unclean spirit. It was very strong and immediately knew I could sense it so it began to pester me little by little during the day.

The first night in the bedroom I was asleep and I kept hearing rustling in the small closet in the room so me being the curious one went to see what was happening. I figured it to be a mouse or some type of air flow issue with the air conditioning unit. When I opened the closet door I immediately felt like something had hit me right in the chest and gut. For those that are sensitives that is a sign that something is malicious or demonic. I pushed it away and told it to be gone and it backed off of me. The balance of the night it made noises in the kitchen and living area trying to get to me. Demonic forces and entities that detect a good spirit and person of the light (Gods People) will attack you to try and get them to do something stupid. I have learned about many types of spirits and with this one I needed some help.

I was concerned that it may attack my wife in her sleep to get to me so I contacted a friend that is very spiritually gifted and she advised that this thing was a soul catcher. A soul catcher is a demonic entity that plays on peoples weaknesses and emotions to get them to do things like kill themselves, jump from balconies, do drugs or hurt others. Upon hearing what we were dealing with I immediately went and talked to the front desk about moving. When they asked why I just didn’t want to come out and say, “hey I am a sensitive and there is a demonic soul catcher in that room”. So we ended up having to stay in that room the balance of the trip as the place was booked solid for the weekend with a family reunion.

We went about our business the next day enjoying our short vacation getaway and upon return I could feel it waiting on me in the hallway outside the elevator this time. I told my wife about it by now and she knew I could fight it off so we decided to stay the night again and see what happened. I had prepared by going to the local dollar store and buying a bible for the room and an inexpensive cross necklace to put on the door handle of the bedroom and closet door. This set the demon off and made it very mad at me so he retaliated with an attack that night about 3:31am. It lied in wait very quiet to make me think it was gone due to the bible and crosses but soon upon my wife and I getting good and asleep I had a dream about a man that told me to stand strong and believe in my ability to be a light warrior. This man is elderly and I see him often in my dreams and now I realize he is one of my ancient guardians.

At 3:31am I awoke to what felt like my wife pulling the covers tightly over but she was asleep with her back to me and not moving. So I checked on her to make sure she was ok and that is when the soul catcher attacked. The Soul Catcher climbed onto the bed and tightened the sheets down on me and attempted to hold me down by sitting across my stomach. Yes, this thing crawled on top of me and used its energy to hold me down. I began to fight it off physically but soon realized that this was going to have to be a spiritual battle. Every time I moved or fought to get from under the covers it would punch me in the ribs. I am telling you this thing literally punched me in the ribs and left bruises on my side. It scratched me on the shoulder and arm as I fought it off. I began to cite the Lords Prayer and that made it even madder. I knew the only way to drive it off was to cite the bible and the Lords Prayer so I continued to do it and demand it be gone.

This worked as it made a deafening noise only I could hear and went away. I immediately got up and went to grab a bible. I turned it to bible and started to read it loudly and demanding the demon to leave me at once and leave this room. It left and went into the kitchen and banged things around the balance of the night. I placed a cross on the door and read over it with bible versus including Matthew 8, verses 28-34. I then went into the kitchen and continued to read the bible, pray and ask God to bless that condo. As suddenly as I felt it when we arrived it was gone. I had sent it away and with Gods word and pray it saved my life and my wife. This thing was nasty, mean and very demonic. Some may say, wow what a story to tell or he made that up. My warning to you is please know that in our world there is a realm of evil and good and it is constantly seeking us out. We choose good or bad. We choose God or the Devil.

I have had frequent issues with these types of demonic entities, but I know I am protected by God, my Angels and my Guardians. Those that are gifted will be tempted to turn from the light. The Devil commands his demons to work on your weakness, self doubt, poor judgment and addictions. Turn your eyes to God in those times and always seek his grace, mercy and guidance and these things will move on and leave you alone. The stronger your relationship with Christ, the more distant they are commanded to be from you.

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