Daily Bread: Teach Me Lord To Know Your Ways

We can find God’s wisdom when we seek him in prayer and read his word. To receive his word, wisdom, grace, mercy and forgiveness we must follow his ways and rules. We like to follow our own set of rules many times and use God as a secondary source when things get hard or tough. Gods love is universal and is built into everything we see, hear, feel and live. It is built into the nature of the world for God to want to be close to us. As a teacher, coach, mentor, husband, father and family man God calls me to love others and lift them up. To be able to share his passion, grace, mercy and forgiveness we must first seek and find it with him.

It is at that point we can share it to the world, make a difference in peoples lives, our communities, our families and our world. We can do that by reading, praying, meditating, studying and living his words. God helps us work through our mistakes and imperfections, setbacks and mishaps. We learn from those mistakes, mishaps and lessons to become a better person who shares love and lives their best life. Welcome goodness and grace into your heart, mind, body and soul. Spread that goodness and grace to the world around you and ask God to lead you in the growing and learning process.

“The Bible is God’s word, given to us by God himself so we can know him and his will for our lives”. Billy Graham

“Teach me your ways that I may know you and find favor with you”. Exodus 33:13

Coach B!


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