Relationships: Words Stick Like Glue

Words Stick

Everyone, including myself, tells people it’s just words.  The old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will neve hurt me” really is not true.  Words truly matter to others and how we speak to them, address them, treat them, react to them and behave towards them really does matter.  Words stick to us like glue and get ingrained deep within our memories, thoughts and can impact us in positive or negative ways.  So the purpose of this blog post today is to talk about our words we chose to use and how they need to be positive, good and encouraging instead of harsh, mean or belittling.  

I had recently been running a series on the alphabet and words from each letter that were inspirational and described good people.  Today I wrote down some words I heard from kids in class and teachers as I interacted with them.  Below is a list of the words I heard today towards someone else, life, work or their own feelings. Stupid, Dummy, Cool, Whatever, Thank You, Your Welcome, Nice, Happy, Calm, Chill. Stop, Lazy, Feel bad, Like and several other words.  Thinking about these they sound simple and easy with no bad intention. Now let’s add to the words and say what each one was in a sentence and you will see how words stick to us like glue.

Are you stupid or what? Stop it dummy. That is a cool pair of shoes. I do not care, whatever.  Thank You sir. Your welcome mam. That is a nice book bag.  I am a happy girl today. You need to calm yourself down.  Chill Bro. Stop talking so much. I feel really bad today. I like that hat man.  Putting a sentence with them makes them even worse or better to hear.  I write about positive thinking, inspiring, motivating and encouraging people to be great and win in life.  At some point these words will have either stung like a bee and left a mark or they felt good like a cool breeze in the summertime.  One will leave the other person feeling good and the other will leave them feeling hurt.  

Yes it is just words, but they stick to us and impact our thoughts, relationships, friends, family, co-workers and daily life.  Be kind and use nice words that will lift people up and not tear them down!  Be a positive and encouraging person that inspires people instead of a debbie downer that takes their own unhappiness out on others.  Remember our words stick to people like super glue and can be very harmful.  Throw kindness to others, throw kind words, throw compliments and make the world a better place.

Coach B!


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