Advice: Five Reasons To Surround Yourself With Positive People

Being a positive person is hard for some people while most can just make it happen daily. We can all look at life two ways that will guide us and how we live life. We can look at everything as a pessimist (person who finds the negative or problem in everything) or we can be the eternal optimist (a person that sees opportunity and good in all things). I chose to be an optimist about life, my future, family, career, coaching, teaching, retirement, money, and faith. It all starts with being positive and surrounding yourself with positive people. Negative people suck the life out of others (energy vampires) and can set your day off or back being around them.

We see everyone’s business, attitudes, pictures, comments, and life on display at work, on social media, at home and in the community. I think everyone knows a person or two that are just a negative boo boo that do their best to complain, gripe, and bring others into their dismal views. I get away from those people quickly because I am an empath and I pick up and absorb all their negativity. I surround myself with positive family, coworkers, friends and others that see life as good and live it with vigor. To be goal oriented, positive about life and driven to be a winner you cannot be negative.

Recently I have been saying to people around me when I hear them gripe or make negative comments that “in our biggest moments of weakness, we find out greatest strength”. You can find that by being around positive people and drawing strength from their light and amazing energy. Below are five reasons to be around positive people.

  1. Happiness is contagious to others. Being positive and having a great energy of “happy” rubs off on others and lifts them up. It gives them hope that a better day is ahead. They may ask you why you are always so happy and if they do tell them your story and lift them up.
  2. Laughter is a cure for the bad times. Being around people that make you laugh is important. Laughing at yourself is also important. Just this week I went to trim my eyebrows and realized after I started on the right one that my wife had removed the guard. Yes, I shaved about 90% of my eyebrow off and all I could do was laugh about it. And of course when my family saw it they laughed along with me and it was fun and made me feel better.
  3. Less complaining is always a good thing. Lets be real here, most people really do not want to hear all the negativity from friends, family and co-workers about their poor pitiful life and the events that most of them bring on themselves. Do not be a complainer, instead be a person that is grateful for what you have. Complaining only complicates things and solves nothing.
  4. Learn some coping strategies. Learn to cope with anxiety, stress and negativity by finding ways to get away from it. I personally walk away, go get to a quiet place or just go outside. I do not want to complain to others or hear their pitiful story. I love everyone, but I have my own things to stress about and deal with. I will listen, but once I have heard it over and over, over and over I just have to get away.
  5. We become like those that are around us. I tell my kids at school “if you want to become a successful person then hang around successful people”. “Hang around five drunks, drug addicts or criminals and you will likely become the 6th”. Your life is shaped by those that influence you including friends, family, pastors, coaches, mentors and even strangers you may never meet. Be around the positive and learn from them. Use their strengths as a way to grow and attack a positive life.

Lastly, being happy just makes the day better. Being happy spreads love, mercy, faith and hope to others. Being happy is good. Being happy begins and ends the day on a positive note. Being happy and having inner peace is a gift from God that we should cherish and model for others. Go be happy, play some happy music, think happy thoughts, find your happy place and just be Happy!

Coach B!


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