Writing: Why Writing Is A Healthy and Healing Activity

Writing and blogging is a release for many people. I use it as a way to use my mind, talk about things I am interested in and as “writing” therapy. Writing about your life, experiences, good times, hard times and memories helps your inner spirit calm itself. I have published two small books and neither have been big sellers, but the process of writing them and the inspiration I got from doing it was self fulfilling. I wrote the first book as part of a healing process. As I talked about my career as a teacher and coach combined with the life events that occurred over that 30 year time frame I realized I had been sitting on some emotion, some damage, some baggage.

Writing that first small book was a cleansing for me that set me on a path of writing. I am not a great writer, still make grammar and punctuation errors in the process. However, the stress and anxiety relief it offers me combined with the great memories it brings to life makes it fun and interesting for me. So now it is time for you to start writing, blogging, drawing, doodling, podcasting, social media broadcasting, etc. Find your outlet and if that is writing then below are some tips and advice from an up and coming writer. I said up and coming because if you do not believe in yourself and know that you can set goals and accomplish them as part of the process then you may never get started.

  1. Journaling, writing, drawing or blogging is a personal thing. Write about your passions, your memories, your ideals, beliefs and passions. If people do not like what you write, state or believe that’s OK. You have that freedom, exercise it.
  2. Its OK if it is a bit messy at times. Writing does not have to be perfect or ready for publishing. Writing comes from the heart and imagination and is done at your educational level.
  3. Schedule time to wrote, draw, blog, podcast etc. I typically do it at night right before going to bed because I work, have a family and responsibilities to handle. I see things during the day that inspire me to write about or think about.
  4. Its OK if you hit writers block. Sometimes I sit down and just do not feel it or want to do it. I get up and walk away and save it for another day. I blog for fun and use writing as a tool to improve myself. If I was going to make money with it then I am wasting my time.
  5. Create a list of writing prompts and topics of interest. I write personal stories, talk about politics, talk about faith, talk about sports, and other topics of interest. I do not a certain niche market, I go with the flow and write what comes to mind. Write down your dreams, thoughts, ideas and experiences and use them as inspiration.
  6. Use a variety of blogging sites, social media and other ways to put your work out and gain a following. It is a slow process typically and one you have to commit to and keep working on. I have seen many times that the first 100 followers are the easiest to get, its the next hundreds that are the hard part.
  7. Have fun, keep it real and just do it. Relax, do not take it so serious and enjoy the process of writing, drawing, blogging, talking, doing social media and be willing to share your story.

Its your story, write about it and let people read it. You never know it may become the next big thing and you might be sitting on the NY Times best seller listing!

Coach B


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