Politics: Free Speech, Expression, Religion, Reading and Writing

I am fed up with cancel culture in America. We now live in a country where a small minority of people are dictating to individuals and companies what they can print, sell, write, publish, think and it is a direct attack on the 1st amendment and individual rights guaranteed in the United States Constitution. The majority needs to rise up and let cancel culture know that this will not be stood for. We live in the greatest country in the world by far. The most free country on the planet and are founded on a constitution and the rights granted within that document. We have made it well over 200 years with some bumps in the road and some missteps.

We have the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Let that sink in as we have now entered into a time that is unlike any in American history with exception of the Revolutionary war. We fought the Revolutionary war to free ourselves from unwanted taxation, religious liberty and other reasons. We are now allowing the same thing that happened to the colonists to occur again. We are giving control to the government, politicians, billionaires and left wing thought processes that are way out of bounds.

A rap song about a woman’s wet @ss P is perfectly acceptable to be #1 in America, but Dr. Seuss is unacceptable. Commercials about religious organizations are offensive, but two men eating a Cad berry egg and locking lips is not. Reese’s Cups going to a neutral color because it is offensive. Me too movement was alive and well when it was a conservative person accused, but when the Governor of New York (a liberal) does it is perfectly okay and suddenly the woman is lying.

The double standard is overwhelmingly frustrating as shown in a recent poll. It is sickening how the party of the people is now a party of see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. Meanwhile, we have homelessness, sickness, covid deaths over 500K, poverty levels at all time highs, drug addiction is out of control, drunk drivers, and so much sin that is now plaguing America.

Instead of being part of the solution, that small minority is part of the problem. I will end with this. The actual definition of liberal is a person that is open to the ideas, concepts, beliefs and views of others. So if the liberals are the cancel culture that makes no sense. These people are socialist that want to dictate when, where, why, how and what you do if they do not believe the same way. That is a dangerous road we are now traveling and in the end I believe that God and good people who believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will win out over cancel culture.

Be prepared to choose a side at some point if this small insurrection continues to rise up and slowly destroy America and take the individual rights beginning with 1A, then 2A, and so on until the majority says enough is enough to the cancel culture and snow flake everybody gets a trophy group. I pray they figure out what they are doing and the lies, deceit and misinformation that has been pushed into their brains in schools, colleges and work places.

Here is my stance and whether you agree or not, that is fine because you know what. We have the right to free speech, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness guareenteed by 1A.

1- I will not be brainwashed, cancelled, told how to think, when to think and what to think.

2- I will not give up my rights to freedom to satisfy a small group of people intent to destroy America one right at a time.

3- I will never agree to the sinful practices and policies of the current ruling party.

4- I will stand by my morals, beliefs, principles and values as I always have.

5- I will respect other peoples right to disagree with me and will not push my ideals on no one but myself.

Live, Love, Agree, Disagree, Lift up, Stop tearing down, Move forward!


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