Addiction- The Real Toll It Takes on the Family

This week I lost a family member to something that breaks millions of people and wrecks their lives. I am talking about addiction and they come in a variety of ways and means. Addiction to drugs takes over a persons body and eventually takes over their soul. Everything becomes about that high, that short term good feeling and each time a needle hits the arm or drugs are put into a mouth a little more of that persons fate is decided and life begins to be lost. Some may find this to be too much and that is OK. But for me I have to speak to the damage that drugs, street life and addiction does to a family and not just the person.

Drugs destroy families, destroy relationships and strips people of their potential to be great and do good things for people. Drug addiction is a path of destruction that hurts so many people and leaves a legacy of damage to the parents, siblings, and children of the end user. The children of those that die from drugs are the real victims here. The people that take drugs and die from that high chose to do so. They chose a path of destruction over their family and kids. They chose to do what they wanted to instead of doing what was right for their family. I may sound a vit angry in this and I am.

I have witnessed close family suffer emotionally and be scarred for life by the actions of a drug addict that refused over and over, many times over to stop what they were doing and get clean. Instead of surrounding themselves with supportive family and friends they chose drug culture and the so called easy way out. Well that culture ended up costing a life and costing the children of this person a lifetime of questions about “why” my parent chose dope over me.

Stop the madness, step away, get counseling, get a job, get a life, do whatever you can to stop addiction. If you don’t it will certainly cost you family, friends, jobs, life and eventually give you death. And your death leaves those behind wanting to see you, hear you, touch you and just be near you. God can cure addiction and you can also if you want it bad enough and decide enough is enough. To those that have beaten addiction, awesome and best wishes forward. To those that lost someone to addiction, I am sorry for your loss and feel your pain and frustration.

God Bless!


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