Americana: Go Camping- Five Reasons to Pitch a Tent This Spring, Summer or Fall

I love to go camping in the North Carolina mountains with my family.  My old roommate from college and I used to go every summer in June for a weekend of camping, trout fishing, grilling good food and chilling out with a few cold ones in hand.  Camping is not for everyone and there are different ideas of camping according to who you ask.  My version of camping is a tent, some food, some fire wood, what supplies you need and go find a nice spot on a rushing creek (helps you sleep so good at night) set up and enjoy a few days and nights in the woods getting back to nature.  I have a favorite little spot called Mortimer campground.  

It is open only during the spring and fall seasons in the NC mountains on the Wilson Creek Gorge.  If you are ever in NC go see that place it is awesome and has some really good water, great pictures, swimming and fishing. My wife and I plan a trip out west this summer to go enjoy nature and see some mountain parks, rivers, animals and whatever else gets thrown at us along the way.  We will pack a tent and some camping supplies just incase we find that perfect spot on a lake, in front of a mountain or near a pristine rushing river.  It will be a time to make memories as a family, relax, unwind and just get back to God’s Country.

1- You get out in nature and you can hit your reset button.  I love nature, especially mountains, rivers and big giant rocks.  It allows me to relax, reset and reenergize and is something that I need often.  My wife and I go to the mountains every year just to take some pictures, look at nature and chill out.  While your camping go find a swimming hole, walk in the creek, lay under a waterfall or just take some good naps. This past summer we met a couple that was camping out of the back of their SUV.  They found a nice spot along the road, pulled over, cranked up a fire and was chilling out sitting in chairs.

2- Gets you away from technology.  One weekend or a few days without internet service, social media and the rigors of your phone going off all day about work, family and stuff.  Most far out destinations in the mountains or way out in the country may not have service so enjoy that break.  Let everyone know your off grid for a few days and make sure the family knows where to find you in case of an emergency.  Heck, play some board games with the kids on the old wood table at the camp site or play hide and seek (safely).

3- Helps you understand that you can live with less.  As long as you have shelter (tent and maybe a canopy), food (canned foods, water, some drinks and snacks), extra clothing in case it gets cold or you get wet and a fire your good.  You pretty much have everything you need to survive a few days out in the wilds.  Some places have a bath house, some do not.  I have bathed in a bath house and I have bathed in a creek.  I prefer the creek but the water was cold.  A few days in the woods with family or friends is all you need to have a great weekend and realize that you actually could survive without all the luxuries of home.

4- Food just seems to taste better cooked over a good slow fire or on a grill.  The best steak I ever eat was cooked in a hole in the ground on top of hot coals by a guy next tent site over.  He had some fresh deer meat and made my friend and I a steak.  He cooked it for ten hours while we were all gone fishing and hunting all day.  That thing cooked all day and it was wonderful.  My brother in law cooked a stir fry while camping one time and it was awesome.  Fill up a cooler and go cook some good meals, eat outdoors and enjoy.  Sit by the fire on that old wood table and enjoy family, friends and food.

5- Camping is very affordable and budget friendly.  You may have to put up with some temperature differences and may not be as comfortable, but renting a camping space is cheap or maybe even free in many national forest locations.  You can camp at the beach, in the mountains, on a creek, on a lake, back in the woods, wherever you want to (just make sure you have permission). Set up a nice weekend retreat with all the camping stuff you go buy at the store on the way and enjoy.  Save that money and make great family memories.  

These are just some of the things camping has done for me and my family.  The biggest and best reason for me is the great pictures, the family time, laughter, hiking, day tripping and just chilling out in nature.  Go grab a tent, grab some food, take a fire starter and hit the trails for the weekend and get back to nature.  Heck you could even camp locally or even in your back yard.  Your kids may complain, but once they get in nature and see all the beauty they will come around.  Lastly, never ever go camping or on a road trip without some form of protection.  A good pocket knife or multi tool is like gold when you are out in nature. 

Have fun, find a great spot and get into nature.  Sleeping under the stars making memories that will last a life time for you and your family!

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