Health: Battling Covid 19

I took a few days off from blogging as I have been recovering from Covid 19 over the Christmas Holidays.  I am writing this to tell my story of the battle I fought with Covid and how it has impacted me and the family this past week and a half.  Since Covid hit we have been very focused on avoiding it the best we could and took precautions to not contract it.  That all changed a week and half ago as we were exposed to someone that did not know they were a carrier and within a few days the wife and I started feeling bad and suspected that we may have contracted it just prior to the Holidays.  It started out like a common cold with runny nose, chest congestion and stomach ache.  We tried for three days to find a testing site close to the house and eventually drove down the road about forty five minutes to be rapid tested. 

We were steadily getting sicker and within  a few days of the test we got the results back that we were positive for the virus.  At this point we cancelled Christmas with the family and locked down at home keeping to ourselves and ordering out for food and groceries.  Thank Goodness for all these delivery services as we loaded up with over the counter meds, food, ginger ale and supplies to to ride it out.  The first few days were not too bad, mostly just sickness kind of like a common cold and my wife had it worse than I did.  Soon though, things began to clear up for her as she started to get her energy back and strength.  That is when things went south for me as I have a few underlying medical conditions and believe me it turned nasty quick a few days ago.

Just as we thought we were pushing through it, the virus got into my chest and nasal areas and created some major breathing issues.  We contacted the doctor and I went through one round of antibiotics with very limited progress.  At that point we were just praying and hoping I did not end up in the hospital with pneumonia.  We continued to take meds, rest, do breathing treatments and stay as positive as possible about it.  Yesterday morning I woke up and felt like I had been hit by a truck, my body was sore, I was majorly congested and had a terrible headache and sinus congestion.  We called the doctor and I am now on round two of antibiotics and making slow progress.

I write this as a warning to people to be safe and not take this covid stuff lightly.  We do not know how it will impact us and if you have underlying medical issues be extra careful.  It is brutal on the body, wears you down and beats you up pretty good.  I am fortunate that I avoided the hospital and have a great wife that has taken care of me (men we know we are big wusses) when we get sick.  I have friends and family that have struggled during these covid times, lost love ones and still are suffering. So with that said, I acknowledge that I got off easy with covid, but promise you I never want to fight this mess again.

If you get it listen to the experts. These things have helped us push through it and I will go on record to say I am not a medical person, just giving you some tips on what helped me. 

1- Rest

2- Dull the symptoms with over the counter meds

3- Take long hot showers to clear your lungs

4- Sleep

5- Check your blood sugars, oxygen levels and blood pressure if you have underlying issues

6- Pray, have faith for healing hang on

Stay safe, be blessed and live your life as Covid free as you can!

God Bless! Coach B

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