Family: All I Want For Christmas 2020 and Beyond

My wife and I have grown kids and they are always asking us what we want for Christmas.  Many parents out there of grown children can relate to this dilemma and we all probably give the same answer over and over.  We say “I don’t know”, “I don’t want anything”, “I don’t need anything”, or my favorite which is “I just want to be with you on Christmas day”.  I sometimes even tell them “my two front teeth” just to get them riled up.  My wife and I are blessed and we really do not have anything on a list that we need.  Heck, we all have online ordering and next day delivery for all those things we want to buy.  I wrote yesterday about A Covid Christmas which is what we are celebrating this year as we all have Covid and are separated for the Holidays.  

We all have family traditions like gathering, eating, fellowshipping and sharing gifts with family and friends.  For years we have always opened one present Christmas eve as a family tradition.  We always decorate the family tree together and certain ornaments have to be placed in certain areas of the tree.  All of these traditions are what makes memories and family time that is unforgettable.  I remember all the family Christmas growing up to this day and many of the gifts I got.  With all this said, the wife and I really just want to see our kids and spend quality time with them year round as much as possible.  

We are fortunate that we currently live with our oldest daughter while we are selling our home and our youngest daughter comes over weekly to visit.  With that said, it sometimes still is not enough as we want to see them all the time.  They grew up so fast and have now become grown adults and are doing so well in life.  They are busy and stay on the go living their lives and we just want to be part of it as much as we can. They will one day understand how we fill and the urge to see your grown kids as much as possible.  So to my grown kids if you read this blog post today, please just come see mom and dad as much as you can.  Call, text, email or just stop by and we will be completely happy with that!

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and the blessings of God.  Remember the true present that was given to all of us for Christmas way back when and if you need a reminder go read the True Christmas Story listed below.

God Bless! Coach B

Luke 2: 4-19 The Christmas Story


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