Family: Covid Christmas 2020

This week my wife and I tested positive for the Covid 19 virus and are locked down at home for the Christmas Holidays.  We have been very careful to avoid people, mostly staying at home and using proper protective measures for months.  Our oldest daughter has it also and is stuck in Florida for the Holidays, while our youngest daughter is finishing up her covid lockdown from being positive a few weeks ago.  We have called all the family to advise that we cannot meet with them on Christmas day to eat breakfast, open presents, fellowship and most importantly celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  

This however does not mean that Christmas cannot be just as special because we will get together in a week or so when everything clears up and everyone is well enough to be safe to gather.  This Christmas will be unlike any we have ever experienced with covid lockdowns, infection rates spiking and the need to being safer than ever.  People are stuck at home, in nursing facilities, and hospitals with nobody able to visit with them or see them.  With this in mind, we all need to be openly praying for those lonely folks and feel blessed that we are not in that situation.  We will rise on Christmas morning, eat, drink some coffee and celebrate Christ as a couple.  

We can still celebrate this Covid Christmas season by using technology, video, texting, google meet, zoom calls, skype and all the other things that are available in this new age we live in.  You can ship your presents to the family and watch them open them up online using one of those technologies.  Or, you can do what we will do and that is wait and celebrate the family, fellowship and make new memories after the Holidays. May you all find blessings, make great memories and push forward into 2021 with hope, faith, love and be fearless.  God has this and it will all work out as he sees fit. Be safe, use common sense and make the best of a Covid Christmas 2020.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my readers.

God Bless, Coach B


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