Advice: If I Could Be Twenty Again- Seven Things I Would Have Done Different

Today I am writing about seven things that I look back on that I should have done a bit different when I was twenty.  Thirty four years later I have learned many lessons in life and am grateful for those lessons.  Setbacks, disappointments, tragedies, and unexpected life events allow us to grow and become who we are.  These events give us wisdom to share with our children and the next generation.  These events make us tough skinned and give us direction to overcome obstacles.  I am mostly satisfied with the way things have worked out so far, but looking back I now see doing these may have opened doors for me, my family and prepared me for life as an adult.

1- Get rid of toxic people- We all have family, friends and co-workers that we know are energy vampires.  We do not look forward to being around them or hanging out with them.  These negative people drain you and will hold you back with their poor pitiful me routine.  Get rid of them, see them less often or whatever it takes to keep them from draining you.  See number two for who to hang around.

2- Surround Yourself With Winners- Hang around family, friends and co-workers that are motivated, grounded and have a good moral code.  Find people that are goal oriented, set goals, career training and educationally motivated.  People that work hard, play hard and have fun in life.

3- Go to bed and rest- Do not create a habit of staying out or staying up all hours of the night.  Know when to put the video game or phone down.  Set a reasonable time to go to bed and make it a habit.  As you get into your higher 20’s and 30’s and begin a family, you will find out that resting, sleeping and relaxing is very important.  

4- Be an early riser-  The old saying “the early bird gets the worm” still has meaning today.  Be an early riser. get out of bed, eat breakfast, take a run, meditate, think, drink coffee or whatever it is that gets you going.  Make this a habit and it will bode well for you in life.  Be the first to arrive and the last to leave at work.  Be different from others and watch the dividends pay off later in life.  

5- Take care of yourself physically and spiritually- Be active, go to the gym (you do not have to be a gym rat) to stay fit.  Walk, go on hikes, ride a bike or just go jog for a few minutes to clear your head and move your body.  As you get older, get married and have children things will tend to get in the way of that routine so make a habit of being fit in your early twenties.  Create a habit of exercising and taking care of yourself.  Watch the carb heavy foods, beer and alcohol.  Limit yourself on those things and do not binge drink or binge eat.  It will eventually catch up with you.

6- Work on your relationship with God- Pray everyday for guidance, do not stray away from the faith you may have created as a youth.  If you do not have faith, work to find it (however that suits you).  Be faithful and know that a higher power has a plan for you.  One that does not include tons of sinful behavior.  Seek his guidance, grace and mercy and enjoy the fruits of positive, healthy living.

7- Save, Save and Save more- Do not blow your Friday paycheck every week at bars, on trips and stuff you do not need.  Get into a solid pattern of saving money for emergencies, retirement, homes, cars and all the other stuff you want in life.  Do not wait until you are fifty and decide it is time to invest in your future. Manage your money with discipline and dedication to long term goals and you will have a great life after 40-50.   

Lastly, have fun in your twenties, but do so with intention.  You are not invincible as many think they are at that age.  Love people, work hard, play hard and have faith that life will be mostly good.  Push through the tough times and know that “no-one”, absolutely “no-one” owes you nothing.  You will get out of life what you put into it! 

God Bless! Coach B


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