Spirit Chronicles: Echoes of Mercy

Echoes of Mercy

I dreamed that Jesus was on the cross on a big hill and he was screaming out across the valley asking  for help.  His voice was weakened brom the blood he had lost while hanging on the cross.  It was a very vivid dream where Jesus was dying on the cross and was in so much pain, pain that we as humans could not fathom.  When I woke up, tears were flowing from my eyes and my heart was beating a mile a minute.  

During the dream I couldn’t actually see Jesus, but I knew it was him on the cross.  The valley below has people scattered about and some were cheering while others were crying and begging the soldiers for his life.   I can never forget the sound of the Echoe going out across for miles and miles.  I struggled with this dream for a long time and tried to figure it out.  It was the third in a series of dreams about Jesus.  All of them were about him suffering for sinners like me.  I wrote the dream down in my journal and a few days later, after having this dream I wrote a poem called Echoes of Mercy.  

Echoes of Mercy, he hung on the cross

Echoes of Mercy, he paid for the lost

Echoes of Mercy, so loud and clear

Echoes of Mercy, Jesus so dear

Echoes of Mercy, he was mocked and scorned

Echoes of Mercy, he didn’t deserve those thorns

Echoes of Marcy, he died for my life


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