Spirit Chronicles: The Basketball Sized Orb

As a person that senses, feels, sees and hears spirits I had taken two months away from that part of my life in avoidance. It had gotten to be a strong influence on my life and I was constantly pursued by both positive and negative spirits. I walked away for a few months to cleanse, recover and recoup my energy levels to prepare for the coming days. I still have visions and dreams and occassional spirit contacts. The other night I was praying for guidance and asking God to strengthen me and show me the way to his light.

As I was praying I heard a voice in the hallway. My wife and daughters were all out of town so I immediately sensed this to be a spirit of a female. I grabbed my camera and started to speak to her and film. I felt the spirit move into the bedroom but could not see it. I asked her to show herself and immediately a spirit orb of beautiful white and light grey came from behind my TV and into sight. It was the biggest orb I have ever encountered and was really friendly and felt safe.

The spirit orb flew over by my bed and settled in fight beside me and stayed for just a few seconds. Then I asked her what she wanted as I had sensed a female and she flew by my phone a few times and back out the door. I then heard another female voice talking in the hallway and it was a young girl. I went into prayer and began to seek guidance from my guides and they showed me that the basketball sized orb was a mother and the younger female voice was a 14 year old girl.

The girl was seeking her parents and the older spirit had come to help her and protect her on the journey. We live on a property with massive power poles so spirit uses that as a highway. Those spirits had felt me and thought I was the light. I told the spirits to leave and go back where they journeyed from and to seek the biggest and brighest light they could find. I immediately felt them leave the room and the house was cleared. I hope and pray the young girl finds her parents and that the older lady spirit continues to bless and protect her as she journeys to Gods light.


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