Spirit Chronicles: My Nannys House and the Portal of Hell Closing

I often dream about my dads moms house I spent many Sundays evenings in growing up. Later in life in my early twenties my wife and I rented the home and lived in it the latter years of her life when she could no longer live on her own. I see that house in my dreams, visions and nightmares. It seems to be a portal for evil spirits to mess with me in my sleep and slumber. I have encountered many spirits that taunted, haunted, messed with and tried to get me to be bad and do bad things.

I was in her house the other night and I saw her sitting there in her recliner in the middle of the living room floor where she always sat and read the Bible. The corner coat closet has been that portal that opens and allows spirits into the room and the home. This one came at me and tried to tempt me with a golden coin. On that coin was a symbol that I recognized but was not sure what it was. After waking up and seeing it and drawing it I realized it was a pentagram.

I know that is a bad sign and a sign of the devil and all he represents. I prayed at the guy and he got mad and jumped at me. I stepped back and stuck a Bible in his face and he growled at me and laughed. Then my nanny walked out of the hallway standing tall with her beautiful white hair and she told the spirit to go away and banished it. She is one of my protectors and spirit guides and she mean’t business. The evil spirit mocked her but backed away into the closet.

I looked at my nanny and she told me to leave the house and said “you will never have to deal with this house again”. I stepped out into the yard and onto the paved road and looked back. My nanny was standing beside me and pointed at the house. I watched as the brick house turned to white wood and the door flew off. Inside I could hear spirits screaming in pain and agony. They reached for the door and all you could see was their nasty long fingernails scratching the door frame as they were stuck inside.

The door flew off and another flew off a different color. Then another flew off and it was a darker color. As if all the coats of paint thru the years was coming off and getting rid of the past. The roof began to shake and the foundation began to fold and crumble. All the while spirits were screaming and you couls hear and feel the agony they felt. I looked at the windows and could see eyes and faces looking at me in disguist. The glass blew out of the windows covering the yard and road.

The house continued to crumble until it was a pile of rubble. I stood there and knew that I would no longer have to see that old house and the portal that once stood there for evil spirits to bother me. I looked over and my nanny opened her hand and she had a cut on the top of her palm. It was about three inches long and clean. I asked her if she was ok and she smiled and closed her hand. I am not sure what the hand and cut mean’t but will figure it out.

She left me and I was safe and felt good and was aready missing her. I looked at the pile and it just disentagrated and went away into the air as dust and the screams and torture were no more.


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