Spirit Chronicles: Bombs and Big Cities

I had a vision of bombs and big cities. The largest cities in the world, millions of people all being destroyed by bombs. I saw foreign languages and signs flashing in the air showing me the different languages and regions of the world. I couldn’t read the languages but knew the pictures represented Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Middle East and European countries. It was a vision of an apocalyptical destruction of a 1/3 of the worlds population.

It started due to money, greed and politicians that had done things so dark and deep rooted in sin that they were ruined souls and were hell bent on destroying each other and their enemies. This starts with a conflict in Europe between countries fighting over territory and natural resources. The war escalates from missiles to nuclear bombs. It starts with one bomb in a major city of millions and escalates to multiple cities in Europe as countries become involved.

The fallout from those bombs begins to impact other countries and creates a nuclear winter where tens of millions of people die from hunger and exposure to radiation and record cold temperatures. Then other countries align with one another and a new axis of powers are created that go against one another. As countries enter into the fighting more and more cities get hit all over the world. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and others get destroyed in America.

America retaliates and takes out major cities in the middle east, Asia and Russia. The Axis of powers becomes N Korea, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and a few other countries. The other axis is America, UK, France, Germany and a few African nations. Bombs continue to fall all over the world taking out millions and the world goes dark. People turn on each other the world goes dark.

The times has come to turn to God and secure your fate or burn with the bombs!

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