Policeman by Day, Repairman by Night

My dad was a very skilled professional police officer that made the rank of sergeant before he retired after 30 years.  He was also a very skilled tradesman, something that I wish I would have learned more from him about.  Dad would work 8-12 hour shifts patrolling town and as he went around to different communities and neighborhoods he would hear about the plight of the less fortunate and their needs.  He had a soft spot for older people and loved everyone regardless of who they were, how they looked or acted.  

He would make a list of mostly elderly people that needed things like their washer dryer, electrical, plumbing, carpet, flooring and other household things fixed.  Most of these people were very poor and didn’t have the money to pay someone to fix things.  As he discovered these needs he would run by their homes later and fix things for them.  My dad kept two things in his trunk and that was his service shotgun and a tool box.  He had an old red tool box with wrenches, pipe fittings, screws, tools and other things he gathered to patch up people’s problems.  We hear alot about police officers because of the few bad ones, but folks don’t like to talk about all the good they do for people while on and off the job.

I remember being small and going back out with dad to peoples houses to watch him fix things.  I or my brothers were the tool go getters.  Man we would be in some bad areas and it was never an issue.  I was never worried because back then the police were respected mostly and people wanted them in the neighborhood. I remember playing with kids in town of all colors, genders and backgrounds at times and that helped me to understand the value of all human lives.  Dad taught me so many life lessons and it was all by his actions.   

He would work on pipes, floors, cars, trucks, mini bikes and everything else to try and fix it.  His only return was a thank you as he refused to take any money.  You see, he was a christian man and that was the right thing to do.  Think about it, a police officer making maybe $500-$700.00 a month spending his off time for others.  He was amazing, committed to making the world a better place and took care of the lowest poverty ridden people he could.  He would later start and run a carpet service installing flooring, tile and carpet at night and on weekends.  My brothers and I learned the value of hard work from him all of those nights and weekends.  

Our pay was food, shelter and protection from loving parents that raised us to give to others, love others and work hard to attain your goals and dreams. I can see my “big daddy” dad getting his tool box out of the trunk of the car and walking into a home to fix what was broken. 


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