Spirit Chronicles: The Chips and Giant Ships

I saw a huge building that was a transportation hub like a train station. There were hundreds of thousands of people walking around and standing in two lines. One line was on the right and the other on the left. A huge star ship dropped down from the sky and settled onto the lawn in front of the hub. This ship was a half mile long and about 300 feet tall. It was bigger than some battle ships and much bigger than a large cargo ship. At the beginning of each line were two soldiers dressed in black operations gear with strange looking weapons.

They were there to keep the peace and make sure the lines were straight and quiet. Anyone that broke in line or was out of control were removed by other beings soldiers and took away. As the giant ship landed a huge screen came online and a message was announced from it. The message said “Do not be afraid citizens of the world. We come in peace and are here to help you become a higher purpose and being. Stay inline and we will begin the uploading process very soon. If you are not chipped you will not be uploaded”.

I was watching this from the air as If I was flying and seeing this take place. The ship landed and a massive door opened up that was about 50 feet tall and wide. Five very strange looking and tall beings walked out onto the ramp. The one in the middle was probably 12 feet tall and the others were shorter but way over 10 feet tall. They walked down the ramp and the two shortest stopped at the top of the ramp and turned inside facing one another. The next two tallest escorted the tall one to the bottom of the ramp and stopped turning inside and facing one another.

The four guards then transformed into the same looking soldiers that were holding the lines back. They had advanced weapons I had never seen before and the suits seemed to be almost invincible. The tall one was the boss and he walked off the ramp and came towards the lines. Fences were up to hold people back and I noticed another tall man in black camo walk out of the fence and the tall one and him joined foreheads as a sign of greeting. When they touched heads colorful balls of light shot out everywhere in green, blue, yellow and purple. The tall one spoke in an unknown language and the guards opened the fence and began to check for chips.

Those that were chipped had a chip in their right hand just below the thumb. A scanner would scan them and if the scanner turned one of those four colors they were released to walk towards and onto the ship. The four tall guards made sure it was an orderly entry single file and quiet. If someone ran towards the ship or got out of line the four guards would fire a single laser shot at them and they would immediately fall and begin to suffer an awful death. One by one, hundreds and thousands of people were scanned and either taken to the ship or to another location behind the fence.

Inside the ship it seemed to be very bright, nice and calm. Lots of green trees, a waterfall and birds flying around I had never seen. The ship filled up and the doors were closed. A huge siren alarm then went off and the ship powered up to leave. The folks left began to run for the ship and try to get on it or grab at it. As they did lasers would fire at them and they were instantly gone like they had never existed. The ship took flight and went up about a mile in the air and then shot off towards the moon so fast it was gone within a few seconds.

As it disappeared I then saw hundreds more like it taking flight from all over the world and all of them were going into a portal many miles above the earth. Then a fleet of smaller war ships came down and began to assault the Earth shooting lasers at the buildings and the people remaining. It was complete chaos and very scary. People were running and hiding and scared. I awoke sweating and shaken as I had witnessed something fantastic but scary in the same sentence. I wrote down what I had seen and started thinking about all the news I am seeing about people needing chips to get food, medicine and money in the future.


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