Conspiracy Theory- Hidden Continents

I am writing today about a dream I had about two hidden continents that very few governments are aware of. There are parts of the Earth has yet to be settled, explored or seen by plane, train or automobile. I dreamed about a land of the lost. Almost like the old television show that came on in the 1970’s. This continent is abundant with life of plants of all sizes, colors and makes. It is full of life with animals that were thought to be extinct. It is full of humans that are less dependent upon modern things and more like life was back thousand of years ago.

On the other side of the world is another continent that is mostly made of tremendous technology that noone could understand. The people there are advanced beyond what we know as humans. They are a super being that have been here for thousands of generations. The animals, plants and technology is well beyond what we could imagine. Then you have middle Earth which is the current listing of continents know to mankind.

The two hidden continents are known by very few people in charge of large governments. They are not to be seen by any satelites or google earth search. They are hidden away to preserve a way of life that would most certainly be sought after and eventually destroyed by greedy hunters, people wanting power and technology. They are hidden away and are to remain that way to never be found or proven to exist. This is a just a story I write and one of vision and dreams.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a real continent like these where life is simple and beautiful. A place where it is so advanced we wouldn’t even know where to start. Mind blowing and fun to dream about. Maybe one day these will be revealed and shown. Time will tell if this if a story or real.


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