Americana: Dead Roses- It Really Is The Thought That Counts

This past Valentines Day I was still recovering from Covid and not being able to drive around town very much due to a lack of energy, cold weather affecting my breathing and not wanting my wife to see what I was trying to do I used an online flower service to get her some (what I thought would be very nice roses). I also ordered a card and some candy and man I was pumped. I was excited that I had gotten her a nice thoughtful gift and she would be so happy with it. Well lets just say that sometimes the best laid plans fall apart for one reason or another.

I knew the delivery was arriving on 2/13 and was expecting a delivery person to knock on the door and hand her the gift. She would be excited, cry and all that mushy stuff and I would hit a homerun. Team Hubby 1, Team Wife 0. Well unfortunately the flowers arrived in a box, had no water and were almost completely dead. The candy sucked but the card was nice and had my special message on it. Lets just say the dead roses didn’t go to good for brownie points with the wife. Team Hubby 0, Team Wife 1 and no brownie points for me.

Lets me state that she was excited about what I had done and the effort I put in, but the roses being so bad kind of took the wind out of the moment. So guys, let me tell you from my recent experience to do your homework, research and properly plan and execute the perfect moment. I had no idea the roses would suck and have since contacted the company about it. However, I felt really bad that I had let my beautiful wife down with such a a lousy (unplanned gift).

Now that I have wrote about how stupid I can be and the mistake I made (promise it will not happen ever again). I am writing to talk about being grateful for the people in our lives and the things they do for us. Even if it falls short at times, goes south of what you wanted or just is a plain screw up. In my case I had the best of intentions and wanted to do nothing more than make my wife happy. After it was all said and done and the shock and letdown passed we were able to laugh about it and talk it out.

Moral of the story is do not let dead roses get in the way of the true meaning of a relationship with someone. Hope for the best and understand that things happen in life even with the best laid plans. Acknowledge the gift, thank the person and be grateful that they took the time, effort and energy to try and take care of you and please you. Look past the material and look into the heart and soul of the person that messed up (accidently or not) and know they had their best intentions the entire time.

By the way, I recovered with a spare and she got a much nicer bunch of flowers and candy right in time. Thank goodness for local companies so I say support them and buy local because you know exactly what you are getting.

Have a Blessed Day, forgive, love, forget and be thankful for those that care for you!

Coach B

One response to “Americana: Dead Roses- It Really Is The Thought That Counts”

  1. I too was disappointed with flowers delivered to my mother-in-law for her 90th birthday. For now on, I’m just calling the local florist whether it be local or in the town of the person I’m sending them to.


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