Leadership: “C” Words That Define Great Leaders

I am continuing my series of alphabet words that best describe great leaders, coaches, teachers, mentors, business and family leaders.  I talk about leadership alot but it has a special place in my heart and has been engrained in me since I was a child.  I grew up watching my dad be a man that led in the community on the job, as a volunteer and as the bread winner of my family.  My dad had all of these qualities and I often say that if I can become half the man, father, friend and community leader my dad was then I will live a great life.  My dad and mom worked hard to provide for my brothers and I and set the example for us as adults and how we manage out lives.

My dad always seemed to be composed.  He stayed calm when things went south or got shaky.  He kept his mind and focus on the problem and did not let them see him sweat.  My dad was committed to his family, friends, job and community.  Even after he retired and lost his vision and could barely walk using a cane he still served the community with meals on wheels, the Lions Club and at the local high school.  He was committed to the causes that were important to him.  My dad was generally a quiet man, but when he did speak he communicated his words well.  He could get his point across and make people understand what he wanted, was saying and he meant business.  

When we talk consistency, I am going to switch over to my mom.  Dad was consistent, but my mom was always right on task, on track and on top of things.  She treated everyone the same, loved them took care of them and was a great mentor to myself and my friends.  That consistency was one of the traits that made her so loved and a second mom to so many people.  Charisma is a trait that both my parents had, but I would say my mom in her later years became more charismatic in her thoughts, actions and behaviors.  Both of them were charming, fun to be around and devoted to living a great life full of service, helping others and would stand up and take action when needed.  

Now let’s finish with confidence.  As parents it was important to my folks to make sure they raised well rounded, confident children that could go out and tackle life.  As a teacher, coach, mentor and parent my goal is to make sure I am giving those I impact the tools and knowledge to be a confident person.  Coaches and leaders that win are confident in their ability to lead, put a plan in action and see it to the finish.  There are other words that could be placed here to replace those I used and I will leave that up to you.  But these are my words that I feel are important when describing leaders and the kind of people, family and friends I want to be around. 

Be composedcharmingcommittedconsistentcharismatic and confident person that can communicate their vision to an organization, family, team, school staff and other groups of people. 

Coach B


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