Americana: Ten Odd Things We Took For Granted Today

Living in America on most days 99% I would guess is a dream that many people from other places and countries would love to have the same daily opportunity that the majority of us have.  We do have some issues that plague society as a whole but most of them are on a smaller scale and in many cases are brought on by the individual through choices, bad situations and other events that we cannot predict.  I have put together a list of the little things (blessings) that we woke up with today that myself and many other didn’t think about or give thanks for this morning or tonight before we go to bed.  
Blessings come in small gifts and packages sometimes.  They also come in large packages and events that shape our lives, change things for us and challenge us in life.  Take a look at this list and give thanks for the blessing bestowed upon you and your family today.  You may not experience most of these all the time, but my guess is you have the majority of them daily and can be grateful for it.

1- You woke up today.  May sound silly but you were given another day to work, live and play the way you want to.  You are not as they say “pushing up daises” or ” laying six feet down”.  Take each day your given and do the best with it.  We are never guaranteed tomorrow.
2- You have freedom to do what you want to do today.  Most people do anyways.  Do not take your freedoms for granted and be careful what you surrender to government, agencies and other people that want to control you.  Living in America and other countries that are free allow you to live, work and play.  Do not take this for granted folks.
3- You will get fed today or have some type of food.  There are far too many people in the world that have no food, water or a safe place to sleep.  Your meal may be ramen noodles or a bowl of tice, but it is food and a blessing that you can out something in your belly.  Do not take food for granted!
4- The sun and moon are still giving us warmth.  We are blessed to have such a wonderful solar system that includes the two things we need to survive.  Both give us light and warmth even during the coldest of days.  It is always a blessing to see a beautiful blue sky also as a true gift from God.  Do not take being warm and having the sun and moon for granted.
5- You were able to see something wonderful in nature today when you walked outside or left for work.  If you sat on the deck or porch and looked at trees, greenery or even some nice sky lines.  Be grateful for that wonderful feeling of nature and nurture that feeling daily.  The earth is a beautiful place and we need to do a better job of taking care of it and keeping it clean and pretty.  
6- You have family, friends and significant others that are with you today.  Do not take these relationships for granted and always give love, support and offer help to them. Hug people, give them compliments and help them raise up daily.  We lose too many people that are important to us over silly things.  Do not take this for granted. 
7- You got up and went to work today.  For those that have a job be grateful for that and the opportunity to become better, grow in your career/job and make a good living.  Even if it is not the living you want or the job you want, be grateful for the chance to improve yourself and your family situation.
8- You are not sick, affected by Covid, Cancer and other disease.  If you are healthy do your best to stay that way.  Be mindful of those that are suffering and have empathy for them.  Do not take your health for granted as I know all to well.  A month ago I got Covid and it almost killed me and changed things for my wife and I.  Be grateful and remember there are others much worse off.
9- You got to pet a dog or cat today.  You got to spend time with your favorite little or big critter today.  They are our best buds and take care of us.  They are patient, stay close to us and are not demanding of our time and energy.  Take care of your fur babies, feed them, pet them and show them the return love they give to you.  Never take your fur babies for granted!
10- You got to use technology today.  Technology has made all of our lives better in some ways.  It instantly gets us in contact with family, friends and work.  It allows us to see what is happening in all the lives we touch, pay bills, order food, ride cabs, and all the other things we probably take for granted.  Do not take technology for granted, it can be a blessing in your life.  

These are all just simple little things I feel blessed with.  You can create your own list and add or take away as needed.  We may not have it all, but we have plenty in the grand scheme of things. Live, Love, Lift Up and Have a Great Day with small but significant blessings!


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