Faith: Sunday Go to Meeting Kind of Christian

Sunday Go to Meeting Kind of Christian

While doing my daily devotional and reading, I made some notes about the topic of the day.  The message was about being a Sunday Christian only.  As I made notes and pondered the information, it made me feel convicted because I am guilty of this at times in my life.  God is constant for us and never wavers in his grace and mercy.  We as humans however, with our imperfections often fall short of being a “fulltime” Christian.  Just this weekend I had a few moments when my humanity and imperfections showed.  

I got mad at another driver who almost hit my wifes new car and honestly he did come over into our lane.  However, the way I reacted fell way short of Christ like behavior.  Often, we go to church and put on a show celebrating God and make an awesome connection with him.  Then comes Monday-Saturday and our words, thoughts, actions, behaviors, language and example are different.  It is more worldly and not what God expects or wants from us.  Sin is part of life and fortunately we have a savior that cleanses us of those if we ask.  We can change that sinful behavior by checking yourself and seeking to be better people.  People that love, care and encourage others.

So I had to convict myself of also being Sunday saved but a compromised Christian.  Ephesians 4: 31-32 it states that we should “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice”. Instead we should “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you”.  This is what the world needs now, we have so much hate, anger, slander, and malice.  It becomes about us the individuals instead of others.  I got mad at that guy for making a human mistake and said something I should not have.  My wife had to tell me to chill out and calm down.  

With this said I am even more determined to let my faith rise up even higher.  I have to do better with my words, thoughts, actions, behaviors and temperament.  This can be accomplished by seeking God’s forgiveness and allowing myself to forgive others.  My reaction to them determines if I am a Sunday Christian or a Seven day a week Christian.  Are you a Sunday Go To Meeting Christian compromised by the world we live in?  Or are you a Seven Day a Week Christian spreading love, hope, faith and encouragement to the world.  This is a challenge I present to myself and my readers.  

Dear God, please show me the way to grant others the mercy, grace and forgiveness I receive from you.  Help me, guide me and make me a better husband, father, teacher, coach, neighbor, citizen and most importantly a Christian that is a light for others.

God Bless! KB


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