Spirit Chronicles: Dinner With My Friends


I have been seeing more and more deceased friends lately in my dreams and visions. Monday night I went to bed and had a dream about being at dinner with a bunch of my old high school friends. The difference was that all of these people have passed away over the last 35 years since I got out high school. These friends were all young and healthy at some point in life and in this dream they all came up to me one by one and just hugged me. I recall some of them as being very close to me in school and later in life.

The first spirit was one of my best “girl” friends in school. We were in chorus together and she was so cool to hang around. I had not seen her since 1984 when we lost her suddenly. She was beautiful and is even more beautiful in spirit. She hugged me and just held on for a bit and them smiled and walked away. I had been thinking about her a few days earlier and had said in my head “I would love to see you again”.

The next was another girl that died in her 20’s in a tragic car accident. Her hair was still like it was in the 1980’s so puffy and cute. She wore lots of makeup back then and was still the same. She stood in front of me and we hugged also. She whispered in my ear, “I always thought you were sweet”. The next spirit was a friend of mine that died in his 30’s from cancer. He was an athletic guy and was a good singer also. He had long hair and was still looking really cool like a rock star. He smiled and moved across the room.

People were walking about and talking like it was a class reunion. Jack walked away and another guy stepped up named Harold. He was a quiet guy that was so smart in math. He helped me in class alot when I was in school and I used to give him rides home. He shook my hand and smiled as he walked away. He still had that classes 80’s hair do and look going in spirit. The next two were females that were dear friends in school and life until they both died from car accidents. They both hugged me on each side of my neck, turned and walked away.

Finally, I looked up and saw many people including my mom and dad standing there waving at me. I had been going through a tough week and they were there to make me feel safe and better. I woke up and thought to myself, “am I going to die today”? It kind of scared me a bit because I see dead friends, but to see so many and it feel like a celebration of sorts made my imagination fly and soar to figure it out.

I prayed about it and the next night I got a vision of the Bible and the words that talk about the dead rising in spirit when the Lord comes back. I knew then that these were a sign of things to come and what is to happen. Those spirits will be there to guide, lead and take the saved home. They are protecting their loved ones as I type and are with God. One day I too will be with them and God.


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