Beating Diabetes in 2023

I was diagnosed in 2009 as type two diabetic. It was triggered when my dad passed away and I went through a period of depression and anxiety. The result was a lack of eating properly, eating too many carbs and a general lack of exercise. I gained a lot of weight that year and it triggered my blood sugar issues. Both of my parents were diabetic so my doctor had told me for years it was a matter of time. Well 2009 became the time and I have battled with it ever since.

Some years I keep it under control while others I struggle with it. I have went through all the fad diet plans, walking 3-4 days a week losing and gaining weight. I have been on medicine and shots and nothing at all in the process. Along the way I have found that it may not be reversible, but can be managed with proper daily procedures. Following a strict regiment has always been my most successful means of fighting and winning that battle. I recently had an episode of very high sugar triggered by poor eating habits and stress.

I thought I was having a heart attack and ended up in the hospital which resulted in a nice $23,000 bill (thank goodness) insurance paid the bulk of it. I came home and have been struggling to get back to health. I am having up and down elevations fo sugar even when eating very good. My vision is being impacted and I am at a point where I have to do the right thing or I am in big trouble. My dad went blind to diabetes and I do not want to repeat what happened to him. I had a mild stroke in my eye as the result of sugar back in 2016 also.

So I have been seeing my diabetes care person on a regular basis and trying to make better health decisions when eating out, eating late or not eating at all. So far I am back to about 80% health after the hospital stay and have a long recovery to go. As I write the screen is a bit blurry as I just had breakfast and my body is trying to deal with the food I just ate. One piece of whole wheat toast with a bit of butter and one boiled egg with some pepper and tad bit of sea salt. Below are the ways I am attacking sugar diabetes in 2023 to win this battle.

  1. Replace tasty carbohydrate foods with a healthier option.
  2. Never eat after 9:00pm
  3. Eat lots of green veggies and salad.
  4. Walk 3-4 days a week for minimum of 20 minutes.
  5. Go to the doctor every 3 months to be monitored.
  6. Get a new prescription for glasses and where them daily.
  7. Cut out all fast food.
  8. Cut out any sugary snacks (I generally do not eat stuff like that)
  9. Stop relying on meds to bring down numbers. Often taking meds can be a crutch for doing the wrong things.
  10. Lose 20-50 pounds, I think that will do the biggest thing and is not so hard to do.

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