Spirit Chronicles: Mom and Dads Wedding

I went to sleep praying for a vision of my parents. I said goodnight to my parents whom I lost many year ago hoping to see them. Mom and dad as usual came through strong with a grand vision of their wedding day and the events that took place. I was transported to a church where my folks were married. I was a participant in the wedding and when they were married I was not alive so it was awesome to witness the wedding. My parents were married for over 50 years and were love birds from their late teens to their 70’s when we lost both of them.

I saw my mom so young and beautiful. She had her dress on, some nice heels and her hair was dark and shoulder length. She looked like the pictures I have of her when she was younger. My dad looked to be 18 years old and so tall and strong. He was a 6’4 inch man and as a teenager in the 1950’s he was a star football player and sang in the church choir. I saw family that I have not seen in generations as they have all moved on and been in Heaven for quite some times.

My dad walked over and hugged me and I stood about to his ear which is where I would stand to him being I am about 6’1 or so. He was so happy and smiling the whole time knowing he was marrying his love. My mom was carrying around her flowers and was standing and talking to my grandmother and grandfather. My dads mom and dad were sitting in a car with no top on it and were waiting for the car to leave and head over to the ceremony. My grandfather passed when I was six years old so other than pictures I don’t have many memories of him.

I didn’t see the actual ceremony but I knew it was either taking place or getting ready to take place. Seeing them so happy, young and in love was such a blessing. I was there with my family and at a time that took place back in 1956. Being able to witness such an awesome event and be right there with my parents was unbelievable to say the least. My parents are my guardians and come to me frequently. I am so blessed to have them still in my life as they are now in spirit form and guiding me in life. I love you mom and dad and am so grateful for you!


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