Life Lessons- My First Truck A Hot Wheel

When I was fifteen years old I saw a truck down the road from my parents house and since I was approaching 16 and getting my drivers license I told my parents I wanted that truck. Every time we passed by it I would say something about that truck. As my birthday approached mom and dad started hinting that I would be getting a nice ride and man I was for sure thinking it would be that used truck. Well my mom came into my room that morning about 7:00am and said son, get out of bed your truck is in the driveway.

I sprang out of bed, threw on some clothes and took off for the driveway. I busted out the door and did not see my new truck. I didn’t see any truck at all so I was confused and asked my dad who was working on his car where the truck was at. I will never forget what he did or said and to this day seriously appreciate it. He was leaning into the motor of his car, stood up and pointed at the driveway with his wrench and said to me. Son your truck is over there in the driveway.

I walked over and right there in the driveway between his car and moms sat a hot wheel truck. It was about two inches long and was really nice. It was brand new and had just been purchased at the Sears Outlet the day before. Ofcourse, as a 16 year old I was taken back, surprised and probably a little mad about it. The next day they drove into the driveway with a 1978 Ford Pinto and that was my new ride. I drove that car until it died on Highway 421 in Boone NC years later a slow agonizing death when the motor blew up.

I had forgotten about that day my parents gave me that shiny new truck (hotwheel) for my 16th birthday. Many years later when my mom passed in 2017 and I am now in my fifties, we are cleaning out the basement of my moms house and what do I find. Sitting there neatly tucked away with some of my childhood toys is that awesome pickup truck I got for my 16th birthday. It brought joy to my heart and tears to my eyes at the same time. I still have that small toy truck and use that story in my classes when we talk to the students about needs and wants.

You see I thought I needed that big pickup truck, but really I wanted that big pickup truck. My parents provided me with what I needed and I should have been more grateful at the time. I learned a life lesson that I can now share with others. So when your kid asks for a nice new car, go to the store and get them one. Then the next day give them what they need!


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