Big Dreams Require Big Effort

I here people talking about their dreams and ambitions.  I ask students at school what they are going to do when they graduate high school and get these answers.  I am going to be a doctor, lawyer, scientist, professional football player, pro basketball player, police officer, fire fighter and so many more.  I love to hear my students talk about how they want to live their lives and do things they can only imagine.  However, sometimes as an adult we have to temper things and get kids to understand that they can achieve those goals when they graduate.  However, we have to make sure they know the price that will be paid to become those things.  

I had a student that hates math and makes barely passing grades tell me he wanted to go to Georgia Tech and study to be a Mechanical Engineer.  The mom agreed and likes the idea so I ask them both what “little johnnie” would need to do to get into GT and earn that degree.  Neither knew and were clueless, so I had to let them know what it took.  #1 Little Johnnie needs to step up his game in math class since that degree has loads of advanced math classes. #2 Johnnie needs to come to class, get his head off his desk and do some work. #3 Johnnie has started out his high school transcript with some bad grades and a terrible GPA  With all this information, we can assume Johnnie will have to change his ways big time, work much harder and get lucky to be admitted to have a chance at the GT education. 

The point of this story is that we all have big dreams, hopes, ambitions and goals in life.  The ones that talk about it only tend to fail at those dreams and goals over and over.  The ones that bust their ass tend to meet or exceed those goals.  As a veteran coach and teacher I can state that the best students and athletes I have taught or coached have always set themselves apart from the others by working hard, studying, setting goals and listening to people that try to help them.  You see Little Johnnie has had his ego inflated by mom and dad because he always got a trophy for participating.  Participating only, showing up only will not get you anything but a paycheck at McDonalds or a warehouse once you leave school.  

Big Dreams require big effort.  Big dreams require constant focus on goals.  Big dreams require big sacrifices.  Big dreams require big challenges and learning to overcome them.  Big dreams require knowledge, power and skill that is developed over time to make it happen.  Big dreams are not achieved or gained by participating and expecting a trophy for your efforts. You want things, work hard.  You want a big house, work hard.  You want a big family, work hard.  You want to be a mechanical engineer, you damn well better work hard and study.

Coach B


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