Praise Him, Praise Him

I prayed before going to sleep for guidance and anything that I could share with the world about things going on from my spirit guides, angels and God. I fell asleep and suddenly was so relaxed and sleeping deep. I was transported into my spirit tunnel and was enjoyoing the wornderful lights and awesomeness of God when I was pushed into a large city where I saw a huge building that looked like the White House. I was driving by it on a large boat because the grounds were flooded everywhere. I saw the White House and it had Chinese writing all over it and I saw Chinese leaders standing on the front steps waving at everyone.

The Chinese had taken over the White House and were controlling everything in the world. The New World Order had finally happened and I was alarmed and scared. I looked to the Heavens and asked God what to do. A calming voice came over me and said “Praise Him, Praise Him”. I heard an Angelic choir begin to sing this magnificant song. I joined in and the greatest calm came over me I have ever felt. I truly felt the spirit of light and God come over me. I looked back and suddenly the White House began to fall apart.

The calming voice then said “praise him, praise him and stand strong”. One of my favorite scriptures is to be strong and courageous so that fit perfect. I continued to ride the ship and sing along with the heavenly choir. God soothed me and let me know that no matter what things look like, we must be strong of faith and continue to praise him at all times. The light will win over the darkness. God is supreme and commands all things spirit, earthly, heavenly and physically.



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