One World Government- The Plan to Destroy America and other Great Countries.

There is a plan out there that has been in place for many generations to destroy America and its biggest allies. This plan was put together by a select group of the most powerful business leaders and political operatives in the world. It is designed to take the world to it knees and give complete power to those behind this plan. It is a piece by piece plan of destruction that is already taking place in many countries. Below are the ways this plan is put in place and as I write you will be able to see just what these plans are doing in your country.

  1. Mobilize a group of the most powerful politicians and business leaders in the world. This group would mostly consist of Presidents and Billionaires with unlimited funds.
  2. By the worlds largest media outlets and produce mis-information designed to create doubt, division and fear among the worlds population.
  3. Create unexpected disasters and problematic issues one after another designed to create chaos, scare people and make them dependent on those billionaires and politicians for assistance and security.
  4. Destroy any political movement or opposition that is getting in the way of the plan. MAGA is an example in America. Create news stories, lies, video and other things to make people that want safety, security, and freedom look like enemy.
  5. Create massive changes among the belief systems of people by forcing anti-god speak, talk and policies on the people. This eventually becomes the norm and creates “sheep” which are people that will fall for the lies and deception.
  6. Reduce the availability of goods, food, gas and other vital things people need to live on. Gas shortages, food shortages, buying farmland, forcing inflation up and other measures to break an economy.
  7. Break world economy by restricting things, putting tariffs in place and limiting opportunity for people to make a living.
  8. Create a world wide pandemic “Covid”, “monkeypox”, and other viruses designed to reduce the population of the elderly and sickly.
  9. Push war across the globe and feed those countries billions of dollars in aid instead of helping the citizens of the country of money origin. America is funneling hundreds of billions to Ukraine a very corrupt country instead of helping its own people live a better life.
  10. Put politicians in place that are deceived and led by secret operatives to make bad decisions and policy. Bad national and international policy destroys economies and creates division.
  11. Force people to take shots, chips and other things to be able to have basic needs. These shots are poison and are slowly taking people out to reduce the population.
  12. Force a civil war and civil disobedience among the nations. People fighting one another, dividing, killing, burning down cities.
  13. Change the currency from cash and credit to a much more volatile and harder to obtain system. Cryptocurrency and it is already showing to be a problem in America.
  14. Sit back and watch the plan destroy the major countries from the inside out and then the elite come to the rescue.

All this is driven by evil people that hate God and anything good. These people are violent, greedy and corrupt to the core. It is time for the people to look at rising up and standing for what is right. Time for “We the people” to mean something again and less reliance on the governments and politicians that are corrupt and making billions off of all the division and this stupid Great Reset attempt. Do not be fooled and know that good will win and those that love God will prevail.


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