Spirit Chronicles: Government Control and Civil Unrest

I saw rows of military machinary and helicopters traveling all over the county and they all had the United Nations logos on them. They were pouring into major ports all over the world with thousands of troops taking over those ports to control the flow of material, food and goods to everyone in those countries. It started in the United States with major ports on each coast. Los Angeles, New York, Baltimore, New Orleans, Wilmington NC, and a few other places where major goods pour into the country. I also saw the border and buses of so called immigrants coming into the gates and loading buses bound for every major city in these areas listed above.

These men were coming into the Western, Nothern and Southern borders. They were all young 18 or older military age males with good physical health. They were loaded into buses and hauled all over the country setting up out posts. The plan was to use them to enforce the rule of International Law and the New World Order. Civil unrest began to take place all over the world and in America. Small militias formed that were lead by current and retired military people that had left the service to help fight the new world order. The politicians involved in the process of establishing control had did a good job of dismattling the military and getting the leaders onboard for their plan.

The people rose up and a massive war occurred that lasted until 2027. On 2/11/27 the war ended and the plans of the New Wolrd Order were abolished and the people won. A new government was formed. Military tribunals took place and those involved in the treason were tried, convicted and put to death by hanging. A new government of representatives with new by-laws as formed and lead by a well thought plan. The military was more advanced than ever and the NWO was kicked out of America. The NWO won in some countries that were modern thinking and soft minded.

Free speech, liberty and life was the way of life and would never be threatened again. Be on the lookout for this uprising. Be open minded when folks are speaking about conspiricies, military, one world government and rigged elections. Be prepared to rise and fight or you will be a sheep and part of the failed attempt at undermining woorld history and the true American way of life.


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