Spirit Chronicles: Angel Number 55

Last night I saw an Angel stepping towards me and he was wearing a robe that was purple. The robe covered his whole body except for his face which was mostly made of light and very warm. He looked at me and said 55. The number 55 signifies significant change in your life and is telling me that the things that once satisfied me and made me who I was will soon be gone.

It is telling me to look at the future and a big change in my life. Seeing this number should excite me and help me prepare my mind, body and soul for the continuing growth of spiritual awareness I am going through. The twin flame number of 55 also tells me that I must continue to make better health decisions which truly applies to me. I have been in the process of losing weight and becoming healthier and it applies to that perfectly. For me to live my best life I must have all three pieces of the puzzle in line.

Spiritual growth, physical wellness, and mental wellness are the three components to a happy life for me going forward. I have been a long time coach and teacher and it is getting time to seek other opportunities and potentially retire from the coaching side of my life. I work very hard at it and it takes lots of time away from my family. I am also doing work at night with live streaming and writing that takes lots of time and energy. Both of those areas are growing weekly, monthly and yearly so I must seek it more than I do now.

The nuber 55 is big in my life right now and must be pursued and honored. Look for Angel numbers in your life and have a chance to live your best life.


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