Motivation: I Can’t- Really Means I Won’t or Don’t Want Too

As a career teacher and coach for so many years I have heard kids say “I Can’t” many times over and over. Most of them have not learned the life skills to overcome things yet and have faced circumstances beyond their control that have created a negative thought pattern of self-doubt. When I hear someone say this it makes me think deeper into the situation and look at the thought process behind it. Putting thought into this has lead me to form the opinion that these people are really saying they “won’t” or “don’t want to”. People use “I Can’t” as an excuse to step away, avoid or not try new things. As a wrestling coach I see this all the time and as the generations continue I see an attitude of quit in more and more kids. Life can be hard, tough and not so easy to navigate at times.

Often all those people need are some push, motivation and teammates to get them to stick it out and try harder. Being unwilling to try new things, work hard and challenge your self is a bad recipe and can lead to problems in adulthood. Learn to quit and not try as a kid and it becomes habit that leads to “I Can’t” on the job, in relationships, in marriages, raising kids, going to school and so many other things. I often tell my kids to take the “‘t” of the word and think that they can. Be willing to step out and attack life learning new things and growing as a person. Just this week I had a kid struggling with pushups and pullups in practice so one of his teammates got with him and pushed him to do more and suddenly he went to an attitude of “I Can”.

Below are some ways to change the “I Can’t” to “I Can”. Apply these principals to your life if you are an “I Can’t” person or are afraid to try something so you can become an “I Can” person.

1- Believe You Can Do It

2- Embrace Failure

3- Persistence is the Key to Success

4- Be Positive and Show Gratitude for Your Opportunity

5- Life is Full of Surprises and Learning

Coach B!


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