Advice: 2021 Declutter Strategies

Today I am writing about ways you can declutter your life for the 2021 year moving forward. These are all simple, basic ideas that will allow you to take some of the things off your bucket list or honey do list for the guys. I have a long list of things to complete, declutter and move on from that will take some pressure off of me, the family and allow us to move on and press forward. Clutter is not just all those things we have collected through the years laying around in the closets, garage, storage buildings and drawers.

We get clutter in our lives physically, mentally, spiritually and things we gather. We hold onto these things for emotional reasons many times or just in case we need it down the road. Reminds me of my grandmother who saved every ounce of bacon grease, fatback and leftovers she could pack into an old can or jar. Might need it for a rainy day, right. So with this said I am taking a look at how I can declutter my life, get rid of some stuff and clear that list off a few things at a time.

1- Go through your closets and clear them out. Right now is a great time to donate clothes, food and other usable items to local food banks, churches and other community organizations. You clear things out and help others, it is a win win for both sides.

2- Rearrange a room or two in the house to meet your needs now. Do you have a bedroom your kids used years ago sitting there empty. Turn it into a she shed or man cave. Make it a reading space, quiet space, chill room, yoga room, nap space or office space. This gets rid of that furniture you do not need and makes a new fresh space with a quick paint job to declutter and refresh things.

3- Clean out your entertainment centers and drawers. When my wife and I moved houses we had all kinds of clutter in drawers. Batteries, candy, combs, papers, and all kinds of mess just packed in those drawers. The entertainment center was packed full of old Disney videos, CD’s, Cassette Tapes and stuff that we were able to pack up, sell, throw away or transfer to video using all this new technology.

4- Get in the garage and clear it out. Bring in one of those totes from a trash company which may cost a couple hundred dollars and start tossing stuff in it. Send it off and clear out that garage so you can actually park your car or use the space for the things you need. We used one of those and cleared out so much stuff that had collected over the years. We threw away old equipment, yard tools and boxes of stuff that just was taking up space.

5- Clear the mental clutter- Take a look at your life, where you are and where you want to be. Do you have people that are holding you back, negative, energy vampires in your life that you need to declutter. Set boundaries with them, move on from the drama, stress and issues that they present in your life. Good mental health is a 1/3rd of being a healthy person so declutter your mental health. Find ways to relax, chill out, have fun and grab a mental break as often as you can.

6- Declutter physically by beginning a small routine. Start walking, stretching, doing yoga or just get outdoors and do some activity. You do not have to go hard core and burn out, just start slow and make small changes taking baby steps along the way as you declutter your health. Lose a few pounds, breath better, feel better and you are now decluttering another 1/3rd of most important part of the life cycle.

7- Declutter spiritually also. Regardless of how you believe, what or who you value as a God, Savior or Deity. Consider where you are spiritually and what changes do you need to make to get growth, become a better human being and lift yourself and people up. I use prayer, meditation and rely on the Holy spirit personally to declutter my spiritual life and offer guidance, strength and mercy into my life.

8- Be less busy and make everyday count. Find ways to not just be busy running around doing aimless things. Instead find things to do that are productive, add value to your life and value to the family, community and nation. Volunteer, spend time at a shelter feeding people, go to church, go to parks, take quick weekend trips, enjoy hobbies and do it for fun with no expectations other than living your best life.

I hope these tips help you have a more productive and decluttered 2021 going forward. I have lots of work to do myself on them and look forward to the progress I can make on my mental, physical and spiritual 1/3rds of life as well as the clutter sitting in the house, garage, cars, office space and everywhere else.

God Bless! KB


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